The Most Magical Place on Earth

It was YEARS coming for me to finally visit the most magical place on earth! The last time I went to Disneyworld, I was barely a year old. That being said, one of my friends and I planned a trip to take on Disneyworld in just one day! We specifically wanted to see Magic Kingdom and Epcot so we got to planning an adventurous-food-packed itinerary. Since 2021 was Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, I planned our trip during the holiday season for the festival of the holidays which made it double the excitement!

Magic Kingdom

You can’t say you went to Disneyworld without taking a picture in front of the castle! The castle was so beautiful and just as magical in real life! The park was freaking huge too! The food was not my favorite here, but I did seek out a churro! Since it was the holiday season, I thought it would be a peppermint chocolate churro or a giant churro like the ones in Disneyland, but these were just regular churros. They were still super yummy and served with chocolate syrup! Magic Kingdom definitely catered more to families and children, and unfortunately I did not see any princesses due to covid. Although the park was decorated nicely for the holidays, I did not find many options for hot chocolate or any holiday foods. Granted, it was warm outside. It kind of felt like Christmas in July. However, I did enjoy my time here in Magic Kingdom. Definitely checks off my bucket list!


I really came to Disneyworld for the food. And when I mean Disneyworld, I mean Epcot. So what does Epcot even stand for? Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (I had to google that). Epcot catered to young adults and parents. It was the perfect place to enjoy the world of Disney while sipping on all sorts of cocktails and eating foods from across the globe! I really thought that I could see all of Epcot in one day, but I was told that it didn’t open until 2pm and closed at 11pm. There was so much to explore! From the space centers to the global expositions, Epcot was phenomenal and is worth visiting plus and an extra day!


We were desperately looking for the largest pretzel to pair with an ice cold beer. Unfortunately, the pretzel was hard and kind of cold (bummer because it was $10). We also thought there would be cheese with the pretzel, but cheese and pretzels aren’t a German thing (glad Disney was culturally aware about this!). But the beer was perfectly crisp and exactly what we needed!


I wish I spent more time in the French Pavilion because apparently there was a creperie! These glasses were actually 100% champagne which I loved! Most of the cocktails at Disneyworld were around$14 and were juiced down. So if you are looking for a drink to get a little tipsy, then get beer, wine, or champagne.

Veuve Cliquot


HANDS DOWN, THE BEST FOOD IN ALL OF EPCOT. I was famished, hot, and tired of walking. Not to mention, my phone was on 5%. It was while we were walking through the Medina of Epcot’s Morocco, my friend and I stumbled upon a hidden cafe with plenty of shade AND a phone charger. While I chilled here, I swung by one of the Moroccan cafe’s for pita with zhoug, hummus, and fig jam. As well as chicken and lamb kebabs with a a chickpea slaw. This snack was the best food I had in Epcot. Even the fig rosemary cocktail was so crisp and refreshing! The best part? The food SO CHEAP! The kebabs and the hummus were only $5 each. And that was inexspensive for Disney food!


Disney did a great job at replicating Japan. I really felt like I was in Miyajima and Kyoto! From the aesthetics of the gift shops to the architecture of Japan, it really felt like I was in another country. Oh and this sushi tree? SO BOMB! It has so much flavor + spice!


The Italian Pavilion was so beautiful! There were live performers, gelato, limoncello, and restaurants surrounding the area! There was even a miniature Trevi fountain! Oh, and the calamari was just chef’s kiss!

Overall, my time at Disneyworld was so magical. Disneyworld is literally what dreams are made of. I would definitely comeback for Epcot! It was completely worth traveling to Orlando for!

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