5 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Cabin Trip!

Baby it’s cold outside and I needed a short getaway from the city to become one with nature. A couple of gal pals and I took a trip to the North GA mountains and had a little R+R. It was amazing! We all got covid-tested, booked the perfect little Airbnb, found some cute restaurants to order in from, and dropped our jaws over the scenic mountain views.

So why do you need to go? Well here are 5 reasons why:

1. Hot Tub!

A hot tub + 39 degree weather is the perfect combination. Paired with vino or hot cocoa, you got yourself a vibeeee. Not to mention the endless views of nature! I always hunt for an airbnb with a hot tub because you never know when your’e gonna want to hop in.

2. Bonfire + Hot Cocoa + S’mores

I finally got to live my outdoor bonfire with hot cocoa dream! TBH, I rate the experience as a 5/10. Mostly because the smoke just kept getting in my eyes. Idk how restaurants get them controlled, but it was also my first time starting a fire so maybe I did something wrong. However, if you do know how to start a bonfire, then I 10/10 recommend!

Loco Hot Cocoa

3. Hike in the Woods and have a Scenic Drive

Wake up, get your coffee (in our case cafe con leche), and walk up the local hiking trails. TBH, my girls and I were too beat from the night before (we may have gotten a little too lit in the hot tub), and headed up the trails. We made it up about .5 mile and then gave up, but the views along the way were so beautiful and we got our exercise in! To make up for the lack of walking, we collectively decided to just drive around catch the impeccable views.

4. Get Cozy by the Fireplace and Take fun Polaroids!

One super awesome part of our airbnb was that we had an electric fireplace so it really set the mood for us to girls to just lay around and watch Netflix. No joke, we literally just the entire To All the Boys I’ve Loved series and Sex & the City movies. We also took ENDLESS polaroid pics using my Fujifilm Instax!

5. Make a Family Style Dinner or Order In from the Local Hot Spots

My girls and I definitely did a little bit of both. We made Vodka Pasta, brought tiff’s treats, ate chocolate covered strawberries, ordered in from Mystic Mountain Pizza and Rum Cake Lady Cuban Cafe in Blue Ridge, GA. Our favorite was Rum Cake Lady! We went there everyday for coffee and pastries. SO GOOD!

I hope this blogpost inspires you all to take a safe cabin trip as well! We had such a blast, and I 100% recommend taking one if you enjoy the outdoors and if it fits your budget!

What do you think?

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