5 Cozy Ways to Enjoy Fall 2020

Host a Wine Night

Get some bottles and some vitamin D and have an outdoor picnic! Or make it a soiree and stay indoors for an intimate evening of with wine and cheese or in my case, Aperol spritz and cheese.

Go for a Walk and get Coffee and Croissants

I try to do this every weekend. I love waking up in the morning and getting ready to go grab a hot cafe au lait and a warm croissant or quiche from my favorite local bake shop. One that I have been going to consistently these days is Little Tart Bake shop. However, if I do see a pop up, I definitely take the opportunity to shop local!

Visit your Local Farmers Market

Whether you’re in the burbs or in city, you have to have a community farmers market within a 25 mile radius. A couple of my favorite outdoor markets are the Inman Park Farmers Market (open Saturdays from 9-1pm) and the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market (open Saturdays from 8:30-12pm).

Pumpkin Carve and Make Hot Toddy!

Go to the store and pick up a pumpkin and some safe-ish carving knives to cut out your fav jack-o-lanterns! Make an evening out of it by lighting up some fall candles, baking cookies, and watching movies. Some of my favorite fall scents are Welcome Home (literally smells like warm Biscoff cookies) and Marshmallow Fireside available at Bath and Body Works.

Visit the Mountains to watch the Leaves Change colors

Gather your friends and some car snacks to brace yourself for drive up to the North GA mountains to see the fall foliage take place! FYI, the best time to see the leaves change colors is during the first week of November!

Fall Foliage in Dahlonega, Georgia

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