Break a Sweat with YogaSix

*Disclaimer: This was not a paid promotion with YogaSix. I decided to attend more than one course to give my most honest review about the class*

I’ve had such an inconsistently consistent relationship with fitness. I found a love for running, but since COVID-19 closed my home gym not to mention the blazing summer heat, I haven’t had a chance to run as often as I used to (if you can’t tell, I am so ready for fall). I also take Pure Barre classes on the Pure Barre Go app to tone, lift, and strengthen my core. But sometimes I just need a good, hot and sweaty stretch that I can’t pull myself to do alone.

YogaSix just opened their studio in Midtown Atlanta off of 10th street and I had the chance to check out the studio. When I first entered the studio, it was 7 am and I was delightfully welcomed while my temperature was taken. I put my shoes and phone in a locker and walked into the Slow Flow class with my personal yoga mat. I was greeted personally by the Yoga instructor, Craig, who gave me a quick run down of the class and what to expect.

The studio was so spacious and had socially distant spaces across the room. As the instructor dimmed the colorful lights, set the temperature, and began to play music, I adjusted my face mask and set my intention for the day. The Slow Flow class was relaxing with variations of strength building poses that filled me with energy. The lights coordinated with the frequency of each song which helped guide me throughout the class so that I could focus my breathe and strength for the beat of each song.

All of Yoga Six’s classes are hot classes. The Slow Flow class is in the 85-90 degree range but there are classes that get hotter. These are the five different warm-hot classes to choose from at YogaSix:

Restore – A class focused on stretching hamstrings and the lower body. This class is especially good for people who run, spin, sit a lot, and just need a stretch that will put them to sleep after.

Power– This class wakes up your mind and body while building strength and focusing on breathing.

Hot– Get ready to sweat! This class has a temperature of 95 degrees + so be prepared to bring a yoga mat towel and lots of water!

Sculpt and Flow– Looking for a mix of cardio and strength? This class combines the two through yoga with weights.

Slow Flow– If you want a calming class, then the slow flow is for you! Enjoy a class full of heavy breathing and slow movements to help you build strength and energy.

I’ve taken 4/5 of the classes, and have enjoyed every single one! There is no gym-timidation in the classes. The class attendees aren’t super show offs and everyone is there to learn. The different lights and the music really get you into the groove of the glass. I love how great the instructors are because they encourage attendees to get the most of their one hour class. Yoga Six’s classes really help focus on myself and what I want out of my intentions during class.

YogaSix’s class packages vary from $10 drop-in virtual classes to $195 in person 10-class package deals. However, the Midtown Studio is offering a special for unlimited classes for only 50% until the end of October. Missed the October deadline? Use my code Asmaa15 for 15% off any membership or 10-class package.

If you have already visited or decide to try out the Midtown Atlanta YogaSix studio, then please comment below and share your experience! I’d love to hear about your experience!

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