Escape to Utopia

Looking for a mini escape during these unprecedented times? Find your getaway at Grant Park’s newest neighborhood spa, Utopia! Julie Stewart opened Utopia in May of 2020 during the peak of the global pandemic. As a digital marketing agency owner, Julie wanted to start another business and found that the spa retreats she enjoyed during her down time was in fact, her next business venture. Julie opened Utopia with hopes to offer relaxing foot and shoulder massages at affordable price points while also taking serious safety precautions for all guests.

As soon as my sister and I walked into the spa, we were greeted with polite hellos and our temperature was taken by an employee wearing a medical grade face mask. Utopia even installed an indoor air quality system where the ionization testing results show a 99.4% reduction rate of COVID-19. Now that is some serious air quality purification!

When my sister and I entered my massage room, we did not have to remove our clothing. We kept our clothes on and were given our massages. How awesome is that? No fuss of changing my clothes! However, I will recommend wear a tank top and some shorts or leggings. Really any stretchy clothing that can be pulled up or down as needed. We both had 60 minute massages that were so relaxing and hit all the pressure points. We were offered essential oil infused salts for our massages and we both got the sleep, lavender chamomile salt.

The spa has two types of rooms: rooms fit for two guests as well as rooms fit for up to four guests. For safety precautions, Utopia is allowing up to three guests in their rooms fit for four guests. During the week, Utopia has only two massage therapists on shift and three massage therapists on shift throughout the weekend.

The massage therapist started the massage with my back and arms then progressed to my feet and legs. The chairs reclined which was very convenient for reaching those “hard to get” spots and the sound of water pouring over rocks was so peaceful! I’m 99% sure my sister fell asleep during the massage ( I almost heard a snore haha).

Utopia offers a variety of deals when it comes to selecting the right massage. With 30, 60, and 90 minute massage options and monthly memberships, all of the deals come at great price points! Not to mention the free birthday massages (when you sign up for their mailing list) and random monthly specials! I had a monthly special that promised two massages for the price of one massage. My sister and I received an $80 deal for half the price! We were also sure to leave our massage therapists a generous tip.

Overall, my experience at Utopia was fantastic. The spa was a very safe and relaxing environment and the deals are so awesome! For those days that I need a quick massage to help ease my runner’s leg or even after a stressful day, I’ll definitely be back at Utopia!

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