Fancy Food n’ Fancy Service

Hey Foodies!

We all hate when it’s a Wednesday night and all the local restaurants are closed by 9pm. You just want some quality comfort food that’ll hit the spot. Well, BonTon’s New Orleans-Vietnamese infused menu will be the Hump Day treat you are looking for.

Located off of Ponce de Leon Ave, BonTon is one of ATL’s hidden bars with GREAT food and fancy service. The interior of the restaurant is Mardi Gras theme with dim neon lights, perfect for an intimate hangout. Open until 11pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends, BonTon is one of my favorite local bars to hangout at!

The menu is filled with delicious fried and chargrilled appetizers such as their crispy La Lot Rolls. The rolls are fried lettuce rolls stuffed with beef and topped with jalapeño, peanuts, and cilantro. YUM! Other favorite menu items were their ooey-goey Mac n’ Cheese and cajun spiced Fried Shrimp Bahn Mi!

BonTon is also known for their specialty craft cocktails. With bartenders constantly creating new flavors to serve, I had to try their summer cocktail menu which featured their elderflower infused gin cocktail- Pink Dress Shuffle and their sage infused pisco and rum-Where the Hell is Mary? Both cocktails were phenomenal and full of complementing flavors!

BonTon is definitely one of my favorite hidden fancy late night avenues in Atlanta. From the aesthetic to the quality food to the crazy drinks, I love stopping by for a later bite. Did I mention they have free parking too? 10/10 recommend trying out BonTon!

Until next time,

The Spicy Savor

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