Old Fourth Ward’s New Home for The Barrelhouse

Hey Foodies!

Previously located in Midtown, The Barrelhouse has found a new home on the corner of North Highland Ave and Sampson Street in Old Fourth Ward. I was pleased to speak with the owner and local urban planner, Jim Brooks, to hear about his transition to the neighborhood. Since The Barrelhouse is just a short walk from the Beltline and Freedom Park trail, this gastropub seeks to be Old Fourth Ward’s “living room” for a coffee, mid-day drink or a casual meal.

The Barrelhouse offers an assortment of brunch dishes that will make you skip the long brunch lines nearby. Items such as their mouthwatering Mac n’ Cheese, crispy Brussel Sprout Skillet, and infamous Brunch Burger, will have you longing their crisp hibiscus sparkler to accompany your meal. Their mac n’ cheese was one of a kind, and one of the few you can find on North Highland. Each brussel sprout burst with flavor and was smothered in cheese. The brunch burger was by far my favorite part of The Barrelhouse experience. I could taste the quality beef covered in cheesy, caramelized onions, and paired with crispy seasoned, garlic parmesan fries. The hibiscus sparkler caught my eye on the menu as a twist to your average mimosa. The hibiscus infused with orange juice and topped on the drink was a refreshing pair to the entire meal.

Mac n’ Cheese, Brussel Sprout Skillet, Brunch Burger
Hibiscus Sparkler

Overall, my dining experience at The Barrelhouse was impeccable. After chatting with the owner and tasting multiple dishes, I truly understood why the restaurant is striving to become Old Fourth Ward’s “living room.” From the location, ambiance, and food quality, this gastropub has my official welcome to the neighborhood.

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