Interview with the Master Mind behind Chido & Padre’s

Hey Foodies!

I got the chance to interview the executive chef at one of Atlanta’s top Mexican restaurants, Chido & Padre’s!

Chef Bryan Thoman was raised in Florida where his culinary career all began. From staying up late watching Food Network as a teen to creating intricate dishes throughout his time at Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Bryan spilled all the details on how he earned the position he holds today.

Chef Bryan’s notable work at Latin restaurants in Orlando led him to Atlanta, which he considers a new home to expand his influence. He seeks to leave positive impacts on every restaurant he works for, which means spicing up the menu. When Chido & Padres offered him the chance to create their menu, he took it!

Chef Bryan is nacho-average chef. He doesn’t serve rice and beans like typical Mexican restaurants. In fact, he makes conscious efforts to create various takes on vegetables to show how they can compliment any dish.

Of all the appetizers and entrees I sampled, these dishes were my top three favorites:

We treated the corn tamales as an appetizer to share for the whole table. These tamales were so soft, topped with grilled corn, queso fresco, spicy guajillo salsa, and fresh radishes. This was the best appetizer before devouring the rest of our meal.

Creamed-Corn Chayote Tamales

As many of my readers may know, I don’t eat pork, but I LOVE pastor marinade! When Chef Bryan told me about his Shrimp Pastor, I immediately knew I was going to order it. Atop of a creamy bed of plantain and sweet potato mash lies a stack of grilled shrimp pastor skewers. The flavors of the pineapple brought out the savoriness of the shrimp while also highlighting the subtle sweetness of the mash with a touch of salsa.

Jumbo Shrimp Pastor Skewers

Last, but not least, the skirt steak! Paired with roasted cauliflower, swiss chard, and topped with salsa verde, this steak was so tender as well as the most flavorful entree of the evening. The peaks of pineapple in the marinade made for light sweet touch to the savory dish.

Guajilla+Pineapple Marinated Skirt Steak

Overall, Chef Bryan performed a spectacular job at creating the menu at Chido & Padres! All of the dishes have their own unique twists and are full of diverse flavors.

I advise taking a visit to Chido & Padre’s for yourself to get a taste of what Chef Bryan Thoman is creating in the kitchen.

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