New Year, New Places to Eat!

Happy New Year Foodies!

It’s 2019 and its time to set new goals to try new restaurants! Here are just a few exciting dining out options that have recently opened and are expected to open this year!


Out with the new, and in with the old! Classic French inspired restaurants are popping up all over Atlanta with a southern culinary twist. I got a taste of what to expect from AIX at the Southern Wing Showdown this past summer and was amazed. Since tasting their rosé infused chicken wings, I’ve been anticipating the opening of the restaurant, and now it’s here! AIX is located in the Westside of Atlanta along with their exclusive wine bar, TinTin.


This new Asian concept in Chamblee, has no limits, literally. Fúdo kicked off their grand opening with delectable sushi featuring their specialty Hunger Games and Devil rolls. Not to mention their perfect cocktail pairings. The None of the Above was a floral infusion of Gin, Chardonnay, and Jasmine.

Hunger Games Roll
None of the Above
Devil Roll

The Slutty Vegan

Yep, you heard that right! The popular Slutty Vegan food truck is FINALLY opening a shop in Vine City on January 13th! Serving up 100% plant-based burgers, this vegan establishment holds a high priority on my 2019 bucket list!

These are just a few restaurants that made their debut in January and there are plenty more to come! As always, I’ll be sure to keep my readers updated as the year continues.

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