When in Istanbul…

Hey Foodies! 

While I was traveling from and to Morocco, I was so lucky to have a couple of layovers in Istanbul, Turkey! Most people are under the impression that Istanbul is dangerous and sketchy, but it is not. It was completely safe and English is commonly spoken. The city was beautiful and the food was to die for. Here are some of the unforgettably delicious, snacks, sips, and dishes that I had while exploring the ancient city. 

Adana Kebap

Adana Kebap

Adana Kebap is a combination of ground lamb, beef, and various Turkish spices. This yummy kebap is super popular throughout Turkey and is named after the city Adana. You bet that Adana is on my next list of places to visit!



Chessnuts are a common street food in Istanbul! Boiled and roasted, these savory nuts are a wholesome snack in the street.



Dondurma is Turkish ice cream! It has a super stretchy texture which makes it enjoyable to eat, not to mention the sweet flavor. Fun Fact: Dondurma scoopers serve the ice cream to tourists through various fun tricks that make you work a little to get your ice cream cone.  



Pide is basically pizza shaped like a boat, without the sauce. I got halal pepperoni on my Pide for some flavor and it was really good! This dish is super casual and served almost everywhere in Istanbul. 


Turkish Snacks

When all the restaurants were closed and my friends and I were hungry, we made a pit stop at the local convenience store. Local convenience stores in Istanbul had some of the best hospitality, offering sandwiches at the latest hour and a variety of unique snacks such as halal moon pies, ketchup flavored ruffles, and hot corn Doritos. You’d be surprised to hear that all of what is pictured about cost only $10! Yep, Istanbul was that cheap. 

Turkish Chai 

Turkish Tea

Turkish Chai was my favorite drink. The endless offerings of regular and apple teas during hookah sessions was awesome! I preferred Turkish Apple Tea over the regular option, it tasted like hot apple cider. The tea was very refreshing after a long day and in the morning for breakfast.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Don’t be surprised, this little cup of Turkish coffee is super caffeinated. What I love about Turkish coffee is its bold flavor and rich texture. Did you know after you’ve finished your coffee, you’re supposed to flip over your cup to foresee your destiny? 

Overall, my two days of layovers in Istanbul were filled with exciting food adventures! I got a taste of what Istanbul has to offer and look forward to returning. I highly recommend that you all check out Istanbul! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

Asmaa 🙂 

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