A Trip to the Desert

Hey Foodies! 

I recently took a trip to Morocco and got the chance to explore various regions of the country while also try the delicious cuisines it has to offer! Morocco has been at the top of my “list of places to see,” and I am so unbelievably grateful that I was able to immerse myself in the nation’s rich and beautiful culture! Here’s a taste of the foods I got to try!



Morocco was full of beautiful oasis’ with date trees! I love dates! So this was paradise for me! These dates were so juicy, sticky, and sweet! Dates are often eaten in Morocco as a snack and are also served for dessert with a combination of other seasonal fruits.



Harira is a lentil soup that is commonly served prior to the main course. Since it was pretty chilly in Morocco, it was nice to warm up with some soup and fresh bread after a long day in the desert and on the road. Fun Fact: It is common for tour buses in Morocco not to have heat. 

Jus de Grenade 

Jus de Grenade

Can you guess what this is? Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice! Made right in your face! I was so amazed by watching the process of turning tiny little pomegranate seeds into a full cup of juice. The juice was so sweet and refreshing with a tart kick. I can guarantee you all that I will never touch a concentrated juice again.



Kobbz is just another term for bread, but this one is served predominately at breakfast time. It actually reminds me a lot of South Asian style roti. The texture was soft and buttery, with a slightly flaky top layer. It was so savory, I just couldn’t get enough of it!

Moroccan Tea 

Moroccan Tea

Moroccan Tea is served with fresh mint and sugar or with neither. It is commonly served at restaurants, rest stops, cafes, and just about anywhere you can imagine dining! The tea was super refreshing at every meal and was as a great energizer after a long day of traveling. 



Tajine is the name of the clay pot in which most Moroccan meals are prepared. These meals consist of chicken, kofte (meatballs), or lamb, hidden under a bed of steamed vegetables, olives, or cheese. Yum! We practically ate Tajine at every meal. The dish is usually served among 5 people to share, starting with a salad as an appetizer. It is essential that by the end of the meal the Tajine is finished. So no leftovers!

Other Foods…

So I went to Morocco and didn’t try couscous… well not all Moroccan food is couscous. In fact, couscous is served on Fridays in Morocco as a family meal! Majority of the meals I had were in the form of Tajine. I often had Tajine with chicken or lamb. Other foods and snacks that I tried in Morocco were “Kebab” flavored Lays chips, pasta, salads and interestingly enough, Tacos? Yep, Takos are a Moroccan fast-casual style food. However, they’re not your average Mexican style takos. They’re basically burritos stuffed with french fries and meat of your choice. 

Tajine with Chicken and French Fries
Kebab Flavored Chips
Chicken, Pasta, Rice, Steamed Vegetables

Overall, my time in Morocco was well spent. I got the chance to explore a new country and all of the different types of cuisines it has to offer. I learned so much about this country and the cuisine in just one week! I know for a fact that I will be back. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

Asmaa 🙂 

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