Best Chefs from Black Restaurant Week Atlanta 2018

Hey Foodies!

As you all may know, I highlighted a couple events at the 2018 Black Restaurant Week in Atlanta! The events successfully showcased the influences of African American culture through food.

NOSH Culinary Experience

The NOSH event was by far my favorite event! The people, music, and venue created an inclusive ambiance for everyone to mix and mingle over food. The culinary showcase featured multiple tasting and drinking stations. As soon as I walked in I was presented with a box to hold all of my goodies which included tasting tickets and voting passes. It was also the perfect tray to place my food in throughout the tastings. The following caterers were my top three establishments because their dishes were so unique to the event. These chefs stepped up to the plate and crafted intricate dishes.

Calabar & Grill

Calabar & Grill crafted their famous Glazed Salmon over Coconut Rice. The salmon had a  kick of heat that snuck up on you, but thanks to sweet coconut rice the spicy glaze was cooled off.

Glazed Grilled Salmon and Coconut Rice

Chef J Rod

Talk about twist on your average southern dish. Chef J Rod whipped up his Buffalo Chicken Mac n’ Cheese. When I tell you that this dish was a HIT, I mean there were lines of people just waiting to their forks on his ooey-gooey mac n’ cheese. I loved that this dish had plenty of chicken in it too, so it wasn’t just carbs!

Buffalo Chicken Mac n' Cheese

French Toast Connection ATL

This was NOT your typical french toast! For those of you who live for booze infused foods, this dish is for you! French Toast Connection‘s Fraise AL Vodka blew my taste buds away! I had to come back for seconds (and thirds). The sweet and fluffy brioche bread was stuffed with cream cheese, covered in a homemade vodka infused strawberry sauce, and dusted with confectioners sugar.

Vodka Infused Strawberry French Toast

Soundbites Food Truck Park

The Soundbites food truck festival had so many delicious options to choose from! From Jerk Chicken to Cauliflower Tacos, the options of food were almost endless!

Local Green Atlanta

My friend and I stopped by Local Green Atlanta‘s food truck and ordered the “MONSTA” shrimp burger, “3 STACK” Cauliflower tacos, and “DUMBO” Mexican-style corn. These entrees were made so quick and fresh to order. The burger was so juicy and vegetables in the tacos were grilled to perfection. Not to mention the delicious street corn! It was so juicy and savory! All of these items were super affordable ranging from $4-8!

Local Green Atlanta

Smooth N’ Groove

I met the owner of Smooth N’ Groove at the NOSH event where he was showcasing their all natural juices. When I saw him at the food truck festival, I had to get my hands on one of his specialty smoothies! My friend and I ordered the Flamenco and Nae Nae smoothies and they were so refreshing! The Flamenco had flavors of grapefruit while the  Nae Nae had strong influences of pineapple. Both smoothies were so delicious and only $6!

Smooth N' Groove

Overall, the two events were a great time! I look forward to attending Black Restaurant Week’s event again next year! I hope you all do too!

Until next time,

The Spicy Savor

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