How to Craft the Best Unique Matcha Latte in Atlanta

Hey Foodies!

You might want to whip out your notebooks for this blogpost, because I’m showing you all the tips on how to achieve the perfect matcha latte with Academy Coffee’s Connan Moody. The mastermind behind one of the Atlanta Beltline’s newest coffee shop showed me how to achieve his specialty hand crafted “Matchisimo” matcha latte in my very first vlog!

Connan was raised in Atlanta, but found his craft of coffee and tea making in New York. After spending six years working as a barista in the Big Apple, Connan brought his talent and unique style of cocktails to ATL’s very own Irwin Street Market. The inspiration behind Academy Coffee was to defy the definition of what was acceptable and what was not in coffee making. “While there are obvious coffee purists and people who follow the rules, we want to be the ones who says screw it, let’s put banana and basil in coffee and push the industry in a more communal way so that anyone can be comfortable making their own takes on coffee,” as Connan said.

We want to be the ones who say screw it!

– Connan Moody, Academy Coffee

Rather than letting customers become overwhelmed with their decision to select the right beverage. Academy Coffee takes the time to guide all customers in selecting the best beverage for their preferences. Whether that be an average cortado or one of Academy Coffee’s new concoctions, Connan works with customers to find the right selection without the eye rolls (if ya know what I mean).


I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

Asmaa 🙂

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