How To Savor Every Moment Of The Imagine Music Festival

Hey Foodies!

Whether you’re going to a food festival, music festival, or both, it’s important that you savor every moment! Hence, savor what you pay for. At this year’s Imagine Music Festival, there will be tons of fun activities to participate in and live performances to see in just three days. Here are 5 tips on how to savor every moment of your IMF experience!

Be Prepared

Come to the festival prepared for any situation. Whether you’re camping or driving, you never know when you might need cash or even a bottle of water. It’s important to be prepared for anything life hits you with while you’re at the festival. So be sure that you are hydrated at all times and bring enough cash to get you through the weekend. You don’t want to waste your energy being upset that you didn’t have enough money to buy IMF swag or enjoy the unforgettable Island Noodles. So come prepared!

Dress Up

Imagine Music Festival is an aquatic themed festival! Don’t be surprised when you see tons of Mermaids gangs around the festival. Take advantage of this opportunity to get creative and make fun costumes! If you’re not the DIY type of person, then Amazon is your best friend.

Listen to New Artists

This is my favorite part of going to music festivals. I always end up leaving with a new favorite artist! If you’re coming to Imagine just to see Armin Van Burren and Alesso, but don’t care to see others, then you’re crazy! Don’t be so selective about who you’re a fan of! Give other artists a chance and be open to trying new sounds. You might just leave the festival in love with deep house music.

Talk to Strangers

You never know who might run into at a music festival. It may be your new bff, your next festival buddy, or the love of your life! JK. (Not really) Music festival are filled with tons of interesting people. So loosen up and engage in small talk while waiting in the food line. Be kind and let the music bring you to others. It’s a festival! Essentially, you all are there to have a good time. So why not enjoy each others company?

Try New Foods

Since I am a foodie, this part of music festivals gets me so pumped! Imagine Music Festival has a wide selection of food stands and trucks with delicious options! Last year, IMF had a gelato truck, a noodle stand, and even a grilled cheese truck. I can’t wait to see line of food vendors for this year! I completely understand if you’re on a budget, and don’t want to spend a ton on food. BUT, if you’re there all weekend, then you have to eat something! The food trucks have a variety of reasonably priced entrees. What helped me save money last year was splitting entrees with my friend. We split items from various different trucks to get a taste of everything while also filling up!

Overall, it’s important that you savor every moment of the Imagine Music Festival. Each year is a different line up and a different experience, so come out and have fun. I hope this post helped you all attending IMF plan out your experience for this year!

Until next time,

Asmaa 🙂

Tickets are available online at Imagine Music Festival is an 18- and-over event. 

For last year’s festival highlights watch this clip below!

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