Southern Wing Showdown 2018

Hey Foodies!

I recently went to Springer Mountain FarmsSouthern Wing Showdown hosted by Taste of Atlanta! Chefs from all over the Southeast came to showcase their sweet and spicy wings made especially for this event! Thanks to Dining Out Atlanta, I was able to try over 25 unique flavors! Delicious flavors ranging from rosé and honey infused wings to sweet and spicy mango chili wings!

On a hot summer Sunday in Atlanta, I had never seen an event like this before! An event dedicated to chicken wings? It was bound to be a success! The showdown was held at The Fairmont Atlanta, completely indoors with air conditioning, catered free sparkling water from Topo Chico, had access to multiple bars, live music, and a variety of wings to taste! Each guest was also provided with a ticket to nominate the best wing vendor!

I tried a TON of wings, and even went back to a couple of places for seconds, hehe. Yet, out of all the delectable options, the top three locations that pleased my tastebuds were:

City Pharmacy


These wings right here were the best wings that I have had in my life. I mean they tasted just like Tandoori Chicken! Chef Christian of this Covington based restaurant crafted the specialty Alma Rojas Alas wings, topped with a dollop of her chili sauce and paired with a lime wedge to cool down the heat.

Lady Bird Mess Hall


Calling all Georgia peaches! LadyBird Mess Hall made their own peach-glazed wings for this showdown. These sweet wings were so juicy and had a strong peach presence! Topped with a little bit of green onion for a tangy bite, these wings finished with a savory touch. Yum!

Local Republic


This Lawrenceville based restaurant crafted unique hoisin spice ginger wings, that sent your taste buds on a roller coaster ride of flavors. First, it was sweet, then it was spicy! Paired with pickled bell pepper, ginger, and cucumber, these wings stayed on my mind.

Unfortunately, the winner of the showdown was neither of these restaurants. Even though these wings are not on the menus of these restaurants, I still seek to travel around the greater Atlanta area to try their full menus.

Overall, I had a fantastic time at the Southern Wing Showdown and look forward to returning next year! I hope you all enjoyed this post and come out next year!

Happy Eating,

Asmaa 🙂

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