Dining in the District

Hey Foodies!

I recently went to Maryland for the American Associate of University Women’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, also known as NCCWSL. While I was in Maryland, I was only about 30 minutes from Washington D.C, so I made sure that I traveled down and enjoy my time while dining out in the district.

Astrodonuts and Fried Chicken

It was no coincidence that National Donut Day fell on the same day I was in DC. I made sure that I found the best donut shop in town to celebrate! I heard some good reviews about Astrodonuts and Fried Chicken, so I checked it out to see what the hype was all about. For National Donut Day, only a select amount of flavors were available such as Strawberry Rubharb, Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Poppy, and my favorite, Creme Brûlée. Despite the hot, 15 minute wait that extended outside the door, my dining experience with this donut shop was great! The donut had the sweetest, vanilla bean custard inside and had a crystallized sugar coating. It was a legit replica of real creme brûlée, but at a lower price! I paid roughly $3-4 for this baby, and it was worth every cent.

Baked n Wired

The cupcakes wars in DC are real. It’s between Georgetown’s two hottest bake shops, Baked n Wired and Georgetown Cupcakes. So who won might you ask? Well, I tried the Tessita cupcake at Baked n Wired, and to be quite honest, I didn’t think it was that great. The cake wasn’t as moist as I had hoped, but the dulce de leche filling was good. Luckily the price wasn’t too steep, I paid less than $5 for this cupcake for sure.


I am not a huge fan of dining at fast-casual restaurants similar to Chipotle, but CAVA in DC hit the spot! The ingredients used were so fresh and their protein selection was on point! I ordered the salad bowl and topped it with falafel, chicken, and a bunch of fresh veggies. I can honestly say that CAVA’s falafel tastes like no other. They’re not green on the inside like traditional falafel but aren’t burnt and crispy like cheap falafel. They were moist and had chickpea chunks in them. CAVA also had a ton of variations to traditional Mediterranean dips such as hummus, tahini, and harissa. The prices here weren’t too steep either. My bowl was around $10, and it was VERY filling. I could barely finish!


Georgetown Cupcakes

So who is the cupcake queen of DC? Georgetown Cupcakes were the best cupcakes that I had in DC! They were absolutely worth the rainy wait in line and I am so glad I got them. Their cupcakes were super moist and had fluffy frosting. Also, their cupcakes were cheaper! One cupcake was only $3.50.

Good Stuff Eatery

More like Bad Stuff Eatery. My seasoned fries tasted like someone dumped them in a bath of thyme and my burger had no flavor. I felt so bad for my friend who was with me because she sent her burger back twice because it was undercooked. Not to mention, the management at this place was unsatisfactory. The manager barely wanted to give my friend her refund. This was the worst dining experience I had DC. Overpriced and mediocre food that I would not recommend.



In the midst of the DC humidity, my friend and I got thirsty and stopped for some boba tea. This Mango and Black Tea was super refreshing and wasn’t too sweet! It was super cheap too and even offered a quart sized boba tea option!



Pizzeria Paradiso

Everywhere I went I saw this pizzeria and had to stop by! This place was dope and served some yummy pizza. The upstairs was a fancy sit down restaurant, but the downstairs was chill game room. I ordered the Margherita Pizza (my favorite of course) and it was so light yet filling. Did I mention how cheap it was? My pizza was shareable and was only $19, but they also served single sized pizzas for half the price. Talk about dining out on a budget!


Overall, my experience in DC was great! There definitely some downs, but I always found another great bite! If you’re dining in the district and want some inexpensive bites, then this blog post is for you! I hope you enjoyed reading!

Until next time,

Asmaa 🙂



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