The Finest Gelato in Atlanta

Hey Foodies!

After devouring Italian style pizza, a dessert is never an option. Maybe some rich, authentic Italian gelato from the streets of Italy? Voga Gelato in Atlanta is where gelato dreams become reality.

As a new member of the Inman Park community, Voga Gelato has established a significant reputation for keeping Italian tradition in the shop. The owners, Antonello and Todd, spent three years planning out the snazzy replica of an Italian gelateria. Did it succeed? Co-owner Todd, says that Italian customers agree.

I’ve been to Voga Gelato quite a few times, and I can vouch for the shop’s quality and service. Voga provides customers an experience that encourages sampling flavors and learning about gelato. Voga imports most of their ingredients from Italy. From the Belgian waffles to the crepe batter, Voga sources only the best ingredients to provide customers with a real, Italian gelateria experience.

I ordered the Belgian Waffle topped with Pinnochio and Caramel Cookie gelato. The waffle had a crunchy sugar crystallized exterior with a soft inside. The Pinnochio gelato had sweet hints of amaretto and the caramel cookie tasted similar to Biscoff cookies with swirls of caramel. The dessert was mouthwatering and delicious!

Voga’s menu offers a variety of other traditional Italian desserts. Prefer coffee? They got it! Limoncello? Wait for the summer! From Gelato Pops to Cannolis, Vegan Gelato to Hot Chocolate, Voga has almost every dessert selection in the book.

Voga’s prices cater to a variety of budgets. The cost for two scoops of gelato is around $5, which is standard for most ice cream shops.

I highly recommend visiting Voga Gelato. The Italian taste and experience cannot be found in any gelato in Atlanta.

Thanks for reading!

Asmaa 🙂


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