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Hey Foodies!

Last weekend I took my very first trip to Los Angeles, California. LA was everything that I had imagined more! The scenery, beaches, and particularly the food was spectacular. From taco trucks in Downtown LA to a rooftop brunch in Beverly Hills, I made sure that I indulged in every bit of California’s cuisines.

Beverly Hills

Alfred’s in the Alley

I traveled to Los Angeles with my sisters and we wanted to try Catch LA for brunch in Beverly Hills. Since it didn’t open until 11am, we decided to kill some time by hitting up a random coffee shop. That was until our Lyft driver told us about LA’s most popular coffee shop, Alfred’s, and we immediately changed directions! Serving up warm bread and butter, lattes, and specialty waffle cone macchiatos, Alfred’s is a hidden gem worth finding. Our food and coffee at Alfred’s was super inexpensive and made the perfect pre-brunch stop.

Catch LA

After Alfred’s, we headed over to Catch LA for a fabulous rooftop brunch. Catch is known for hosting celebrities from all over LA and their stunning garden foyer. When we arrived there was a line of people already waiting outside. Luckily my sisters and I snagged a table through OpenTable (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using while traveling). We ordered the Smashed Avocado Toast and Market Omelet. The avocados were full of flavor! It was almost like eating guacamole minus the onion, tomato, and cilantro. The omelet was also worth savoring. Stuffed with sharp cheddar cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and arugula, this omelet did not lack any flavor. For dessert, we ordered the Anytime Waffle Tower to satisfy our sweet tooths. This delectable cinnamon waffle, ice cream stack was devoured in less than 5 minutes. You might think that we spent a ton of money at Catch because it’s a celebrity hub. Guess what? We didn’t! Our entrees were around $20 a person. #BoujieOnABudget

Downtown LA

Leo’s Taco Truck

LA is known for their authentic Mexican style tacos! I did a little bit of research about the best taco trucks before coming to LA, and Leo’s Taco Truck was on my list. Since I was staying in Downtown, Leo’s was only a 15-minute walk from me, and it was the perfect post-flight pick me up. These yummy tacos were made fresh to order, topped with cilantro and onions, and served with your choice of salsa. Not to mention, they were so CHEAP! I got two chicken tacos and a bottle of water for only $3.50! Now that’s what I call, eating on a budget.

Leo's Tacos
Leo’s Tacos

Roscoe’s House of Chicken N’ Waffles

Coming from Atlanta, it should be expected that I hunt for chicken n’ waffles anywhere I go. I heard about Roscoe’s Chicken n’ Waffles for YEARS, and since it was also down the street from my Airbnb, I checked it out. Unfortunately, Roscoe’s was NOT worth the hype. I should have known that my food was going to be terrible after I took a sip of their lemonade. I swear my lemonade tasted like Country Time Lemonade. I ordered the Chicken Breast and Waffle, and my chicken was dry and hard. I really had to smother my chicken in hot sauce to get it moist. And, the waffle was no better than Waffle House’s. In fact, I could have had a better waffle at WaHo. To sum it up, Roscoe’s was not worth the visit.


Bardonna LA

*Disclaimer* I brunched a lot! It was not my intention to brunch as much as I did in Cali, but my sisters and I were jet-lagged and needed a fulfilling breakfast every day. We checked out Bardonna LA. I ordered the Burrata Toast, French Toast, Matcha Latte, and a Rose-infused Kombucha. I know, so much food! How did I down it all? I split it with my sister, haha. My burrata toast had a generous amount of warm burrata spread all over the toast as well as some avocado, ensuring a cheese and cream in every bite. The french toast was divine and topped with fresh berries. I got my matcha latte with cashew milk and I could not taste the difference between whole milk. It was pretty chilly in Cali so to keep warm, the latte helped out. Recently, I’ve also been obsessed with kombucha, so it was only right that I ordered Bardonna’s specialty rose-kombucha. It had a refreshing rosewater flavor that did not overpower the fermented taste. Even though the prices at Bardonna were not so bad, the menu was misleading. Our tab totals did not match the menu prices because the printed menus had not been updated. Though the price differences were only a few dollars, it would have been helpful to know ahead of time.

In n’ Out Burger

I checked out In n’ Out Burger to see what the excitement was all about. Although the burgers were no Five Guys, they were better than the average fast food cheeseburger. I ordered the animal style fries, which had a good flavor, but they were cold. Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about my meal.

In n' Out Burger
In n’ Out Burger

Pizza Romana

For dinner, my sisters and I stopped by the awesome Pizza Romana but were starved so picture taking was kind of out of my head. So…here’s a picture of me struggling to take an #instaworthy pizza picture. This pizzeria was serving up authentic Italian personal size pizzas for a low price. We ordered a veggie pizza, margherita pizza, and white pizza, and they were delicious! I will say though, that if you order the white pizza, then clarify that you want white pizza, because pizza Bianca on the menu is NOT white pizza!

Pizza Romana
Pizza Romana

Urban Skillet

While in North Hollywood, I decided to try out another burger joint that I heard some pretty good reviews about called Urban Skillet. This Halal, gourmet burger joint had a delicious variety of burgers to select. I ordered the Original Skillet Burger, Buffalo Wings, and a side of Skillet Fries. The burger was so tasty with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and their special house sauce, all inside of a delicious brioche bun. Being from ATL, I had to get some hot wings to accompany my burger, and theirs hit the spot. The skillet fries were the best part of the meal! Hot and seasoned, thick-cut french fries topped with cheese, caramelized onions, and their specialty house sauce. I couldn’t get enough of them! Urban Skillet was also inexpensive. Burgers were all $9, but for a couple extra bucks, you could opt for a combo. Sweet deal!




On my last day in Cali, we went to Eggslut in Venice Beach. Even though I enjoyed the sit-down vibes of Bardonna and Catch, Eggslut was by far my favorite breakfast spot! It’s the perfect grab n’ go breakfast stop that my sisters and I were looking for! I ordered the Fairfax sandwich that was stuffed with caramelized onions, chives, eggs, sriracha mayo all inside of a brioche bun. The eggs were so fluffy and the flavors of the sriracha mayo chives complemented each other so well. Wanna know how much it cost? Only $7!

Fairfax Sandwich

Lemonade LA

Since the beginning of Instagram, all I can remember seeing on LA bloggers’ pages were pictures of Lemonade LA. After the disappointment from Roscoes and mediocre fast-food burgers, I was scared to get my hopes up. However, Lemonade definitely blew me away! This was some of the best lemonade that I had ever had in my life! Sorry Chick-fil-a, but Lemonade LA got you beat. It wasn’t too sweet nor too sour, it was just right. What’s even better? It was only $4 for the amount and was the perfect accompaniment for my walk on the beach!

Lemonade LA

Salt & Straw

Similar to tacos, I had to do my research on the best ice cream that the west coast had to offer. Salt & Straw blew me away. It’s sad to say, but this ice cream shop tops a few of my favorites here in ATL. I ordered the Ooey-Gooey Chocolate Brownie and the Almond Brittle flavors, which were heavenly. The brownie wasn’t hard, it was smooth and you can taste the brownie crumbs throughout the ice cream. The almond brittle made the perfect crunch for the sweet n’ salty flavor. I’m literally not kidding about how good this place is, I went there TWICE! Since it is gourmet ice cream, a double scoop is around $7, but that’s pretty standard for most gourmet ice cream shops. I’d still pay $7 for a double scoop of Salt & Straw any day!

Salt & Straw
Salt & Straw

All in all, my trip to LA was awesome! This was the first trip where I actually was not ready to return home. It also wasn’t as expensive as everyone made it seem. I highly recommend visiting LA and trying all the yummy foods they have to offer! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

Asmaa 🙂

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