The Coolest Pops from the Steel City

Hey Foodies!

Looking for a fun winter treat? Steel City Pops in Decatur, Georgia just released their Winter Popsicle Menu that you must to try!

Yesterday, I had a fun time getting to know the Steel City Pops crew. The shop was founded in Alabama, and opened the doors to its very first shop in Atlanta last year! Steel City Pops brings the industrialized feel of their hometown to Atlanta by splitting the shop into a factory and popsicle shop, providing customers with an fun experience to watch the process of making fresh pops weekly!

Steel City sources only the finest locally grown ingredients to put into their handcrafted popsicles. These pops are not served like your ordinary popsicle, but have the option to dip, drizzle, or even dusk your popsicle with your favorite toppings! Want a coconut pop dipped in chocolate? Well, you got it!

The winter collection included flavors such as chocolate, coffee, sea salt caramel, horchata (yum), amongst others. I chose to order the “Pop of the Month” which was the Chocolate Covered Salted Caramel and was served in the cutest tray! The popsicle was rich in caramel flavor and melted in my mouth. My friend ordered the strawberry popsicle that was drizzled with chocolate. The flavors of the fresh fruit combined with the chocolate sauce made the perfect refreshing cooler after eating Chickfila earlier.

Steel City Pops takes pride in their business and caters to every customer who walks into their installment. As soon as I entered the shop, I was given a warm welcome and was assisted with any questions and concerns. Steel City maintains their generous reputation by sourcing from Atlanta farmers and helping the international community. The popsicle shop donates 100% of their proceeds from bottled water to help fund the building of clean water wells in India and throughout Africa.

The prices for Steel City’s gourmet pops were fairly inexpensive. The cost of a pop is around $3.49-4.49 and dippings and drizzle’s start at $1.25. After the experience, quality, and customer service that I received, I find it absolutely worth paying Steel City Pops another visit. I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

Asmaa 🙂

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  1. They really are awesome!


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