A Spicy Relaunch!

Hey Foodies!

This past weekend celebrated the relaunch of my new food blog! Why the name change? What’s the celebration for? Well, here’s the full story behind The Spicy Savor.

When I first started my blog, I was so eager to start writing reviews and posting pictures that I didn’t put much thought into the name. My personal Instagram account’s name was TheWizardOfAas, so I figured a fun play on the name would settle, resulting in TheAppetiteOfAas.

Yet, as time passed and I introduced myself to people, I noticed that the name of my blog didn’t make sense to others. The name didn’t symbolize anything except MY personal appetite, and only my close friends understood the meaning. I had come to realize that TheAppetiteOfAas simply did not fit my platform and I needed a name change. ASAP!

I wanted my new name to not only represent me, but also my brand: eating good food on a budget. It should easy to figure out a cool n’ catchy name, right? NO. Since I am Pakistani, I wanted my name to have some flavor, but also suggest that people could enjoy food while on a budget. It took months and countless girls nights to brainstorm the right name. When my friends and I finally stumbled upon TheSpicySavor, I instantly knew it was the one!

The Spicy Savor

  • Savor what you pay for

Having a new name, logo, tagline, and structure to my blog makes me feel confident in its future, which is why I decided to celebrate the relaunch of TheSpicySavor with an event!

I hosted the event at Condesa Coffee in Old Fourth Ward. The night was full of endless tasty bites, fun party favors, and exciting raffles. The diverse crown was filled with fun people and great conversations, which set the tone for a successful night of good vibes.

I am sure you all are wondering what TheSpicySavor promises to bring this year? Well, I plan on traveling throughout the United States to cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Orleans for some awesome foodie adventures! I may be based in Atlanta, but I love traveling and believe it’s important to spice things up by exploring new cities, cultures, and foods.

Moreover, I love my community just as much as I love food. This year, I have also partnered with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to establish the Food for Foodies Fund Drive! The ACFB plays an outstanding role in helping end hunger throughout Atlanta. If we want to savor what we’re paying for, then why not help someone else savor too?

Lastly, I want to thank all of my friends who came out to support my relaunch event as well as my followers for staying with me throughout this tough journey. For a long time blogging was just a small hobby of mine, but it was the random compliments and kind messages that pushed me to keep going and expand my blog. Thank you all so so much for reading!

Until next time,

Asmaa 🙂

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