Ven Aquí Muchacho

Ven Aquí Muchachos!

Lately brunch has been a bit of a tough decision.  The long lines for a traditional southern brunch are overrated and I prefer quick service. Atlanta’s hot and new breakfast and lunch spot, Muchacho, takes a play on menu options and is speedy quick. Hot coffee and tacos? Yes, please!

Muchacho is located off of Memorial Drive in Reynoldstown. This vintage themed coffee shop is full of bright 70s hues and is absolutely #instaworthy. The restaurant’s vintage theme is really what brings the food and service together. It’s a small place with plenty of open windows, light walls, tons of funk greenery, and leather interior. Moreover, The kind staff even wore the coolest screen-tees that reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite. It was only right that I brought my polaroid camera to capture all the goodies that this spot had to offer!

The menu included items such as tasty toasts, savory tacos, and traditional Mexican conchas!  The barbacoa tacos were absolutely mouthwatering. The brisket was soft, tender full of savory flavors from its seasonings. On the other hand, The veggie tacos needed some improvement. I wasn’t much of a fan of them because they lacked seasoning and needed to be cooked more.

On the brighter side, I will say that Muchacho prepares fresh tortillas that do not fall apart. Their drip coffee was great; bold with a rich, quality taste. Not to mention, the horchata was divine! It had the perfect sweet balance of milk, cinnamon, and sugar, so none of the flavors were overpowering.

Muchacho is on the cheaper side if you’re on a brunch budget. Menu items run around $2-10, and the service is quick! What’s better than an affordable, quick brunch with a fun flare? Bring out your screen teas and bell bottoms and go!

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