5 Festivities in ATL for the Holiday SZN!

The holiday SZN is here foodies! So what does that mean for you? Eat, of course! The momentum to sip hot chocolate while strolling through parks and staring at pretty lights will die out after Christmas. The clock in ticking, so here are 5 festivities you need to do before the holiday szn ends!

Embrace your Inner Basic Bxtch.

Yeah, I said it. Go to Starbucks and take advantage of their holiday menu. I know, you are so “hipster” and you only take your coffee black, I do too!  It’s the holiday szn, whether you celebrate something this season or not, just order that TOASTED white chocolate mocha! I know you’ve been craving it, because I have too 😉

TOASTED White Chocolate Mocha

Go Ice-Skating!

Even-though the ice-skating rinks won’t close until a few weeks after Christmas, it’s still fun to go while the holiday lights are up. Piedmont Park and Atlantic Station both have holiday ice-rinks for guests. If you happen to be at either locations, then don’t miss out on Happy Hour specials at Park Tavern, Cantina Al Fresco and Yard House. 


Sip some Hot Chocolate!

I went to Atlantic Station the other day and stopped by Kilwin’s for a mouthwatering treat. It was cold as a brick outside, so I decided to order their hot chocolate. I must say, their hot chocolate was some of the BEST hot chocolate that I have ever had in Atlanta. Kilwin’s makes a fresh batch daily and tops it with a generous amount of whipped cream. If you’re a hot chocolate fan, then grab yourself  a cup and enjoy the lights with your company.


Wear Red, Take a Stroll, & Eat Pizza!

After Labor Day people don’t wear white anymore. That applies to the holiday szn too. When will you ever catch someone in a festive red sweater again? Not until the next holiday szn. Take advantage of this time and wear all of your festive gear to see a holiday movie or take a stroll at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Down the street from the garden is Varuni Napoli, so grab some Italian style pizza afterwards with your friends, family, or bae.


Pop Up to a Pop-Up Shop!

There are so many holiday pop-up shops around Atlanta that will only last until the 23rd or the 24th of December! If you want to be in doors and be surrounded by festive lights then check out Miracle on Monroe or SOS Tiki Bar. If you don’t drink, SOS also offers food options and cookies n’ milk so you can stay warm and still have your indoor holiday experience. Looking for a hand crafted gift, then head over to Indie Craft Experience’s pop-up shop in Candler Park. They have tons of vendors selling all things hand-made from jewelry, clothing, to chocolate <3!

I hope you all found this holiday post helpful! Remember to wear red, be merry, and drink hot chocolate!

Happy Holidays!

-Asmaa 🙂




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