Cirque Du Soleil LUZIA Recap

Hey Cirque du Soleil Fans!

If you haven’t been to a Cirque Du Soleil show, then here’s why you should go! I’ve been to two shows so far, Ovo and LUZIA, (LUZIA being my second) and both performances have been breathtaking! Cirque du Soleil isn’t your typical circus. There are no words! Just acrobatic performances guided by sounds of nature, musical instruments, and an epic burst of opera.

I hadn’t been to a Cirque Du Soleil show since high school (pre-blogger days) and when I saw LUZIA’s ad, I knew the performance was going to be just as magical as OVO, if not better, so I grabbed myself a pair of tickets!

LUZIA was an actual waking dream of Mexico! From the colorful lights to the soothing sounds of rain, LUZIA was an exceptional portrayal of Cirque Du Soleil’s French influence on Mexican culture through acrobatic performances and surreal visuals.

Photo Credentials: Cirque Du Soleil

The show was magnificent! I was captivated by the intricate acrobatic movements and beautiful sounds of nature! The fact that no phones are allowed to be used during the show made the experience even better. I was truly in the show and was able to admire the beauty of every performance and catch every small detail of the scenes.

The experience of Cirque du Soleil is one like no other, which is why I highly recommend that everyone go at least once in their life! Tickets start as low as $50, so grab yourself a pair now!

Until next time,

The Spicy Savor

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