Breakfast at Bombay’s

It’s Tea Time!

Recently, I took my friend to Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party for a classy and quirky breakfast date.  Dr. Bombay’s is one of my favorite tea shops in Atlanta. Furnished with vintage chairs and cushions, elaborate paper lanterns, and surfaced with endless bookshelves, this underwater tea party might have you mistaken yourself in Wonderland.

Preparing fresh scones, finger sandwiches, quiche and a plethora of teas, Dr. Bombay’s caters various tea combinations for your satisfaction. You can select small tea platters such as the Carolina tea or go big and reserve their most popular High Tea. My friend and I ordered tea with the Spinach Swiss and Curry Potato quiche. The quiche were fluffy, light, and full of simple flavors. The Spinach and Swiss was creamy and savory and the Potato Curry had a light spicy and nutty flavor. Both quiches were lined in a thin crust and delectable in every bite.

Dr. Bombay’s has quite the tale. Aside from steeping fine chai, this tea house is serving with a purpose. Dr. Bombay’s raises scholarship money for young girls pursuing their education in India. Through their initiative “The Learning Tea,” Dr. Bombay’s sells books and hosts monthly events to donate towards their scholarship fund. At the end of every month, Dr. Bombay’s hosts “A Taste of India” to educate attendees about their project in India. Tickets to this event include a full course Indian meal over a discussion about the philosophy of The Learning Tea. The proceeds of this event are donated towards The Learning tea’s scholarship fund.

I love coming to Dr. Bombay’s on my days off. It is the perfect hidden location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Sometimes coffee shops get a little too noisy, so whenever I crave a handcrafted chai, a quiet study space, or a nice chat on a peaceful outside patio, Dr. Bombay’s aesthetics makes it the perfect calming and relaxing spot. The prices of Dr. Bombay’s don’t break your wallet either. Select items and tea combinations range from $3-20. The most expensive tea option is the High Tea and that requires a reservation.

Overall, I absolutely recommend checking out Dr. Bombay’s. If you are looking for a quiet location to sip some tea, brunch, or read a book, then walk down McClendon Ave for this underwater tea party.

Until next time,

Asmaa 🙂

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