Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Happy Thursday Foodies!

The week is almost over and I am sure you all have a weekend full of festivities. In case you don’t have any plans for Sunday morning, then stop by the Grant Park Farmer’s Market! I took a trip to the farmer’s market for the first time the other weekend and it was a nice, neighborhood experience.

The Grant Park Farmer’s Market is located in the front entrance of Grant Park and is open on Sundays from 9 am-1 pm. The market is a place for various local Atlanta farmers, merchants, and restaurant stands to come together and promote their locally produced items. From organic pâté to fresh bread, these vendors sell unique items that will only be found at this market! What makes this farmer’s market even more exclusive is that vendors accept EBT for payment, which allows every customer to have access to wholesome items. The Grant Park market is seasonal, and will be open until December 17th, so don’t miss out!


The Grant Park Farmer’s Market has tons of fresh produce vendors who carry organic produce.




Local Atlanta vendors come to the farmer’s market to sell their finest products. These are just a few of the merchants who sell tasty items such as pasta, preserves, and pâté. Some merchants offered free samples to try their items, and were more than happy to let customers try multiple options. Not to mention the plethora of florists who craft some of the most beautiful bouquets.



The market has quite a bit of food and beverage vendors such as Revolution Donuts, Crepe Masters, Bamboo among others. I got my hands on a tasty crepe that was made right in my face. The crepes were the perfect savory bite for a morning walk in the park and so were the juices from Bamboo.



For my first time coming to the farmer’s market, I enjoyed my experience. There was somewhat of a diverse crowd of vendors and customers, mostly families, but that is  because majority of the attendees are from the neighborhood. If the market was promoted more and emphasized accepting EBT, then I am sure a much larger, diverse crowd would attend. I will say that the prices of items are a bit high. Produce is definitely expensive, but it is organic and locally grown. The merchants items were pricier than the supermarket, but relative to Whole Foods. The crepes ranged from $4-9 so it depended on what you order, savory crepes are more expensive that sweet crepes. All in all, this is a farmer’s market with vendors who are trying to make a living from their homemade or small business items. Customer service wise, I wish that some of the vendors seemed happier. I can understand that they have been there for a while and were tired, but maybe if the market decides to find live music for next season, then the market would be a bit more fun and lively.

Overall, I had a good time at the market, and I will go again. I hope you all enjoyed this post.

-Asmaa 🙂



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