Food To Die For

Hey guys!

This past Friday the 13th, I felt like going somewhere extra spooky, so I decided to try a restaurant called Hungry Ghost off of Edgewood Avenue. Hungry Ghost is a low-key, part black-owned business that caters an infusion of various Asian foods with a Cajun twist. This location does not open until 5 pm, but it does stay open until 1-2 am, which makes it the perfect place to satisfy your late night bite.

Talk about food to die for? From Vietnamese Pho to Korean Savory Pancakes, Hungry Ghost killed every dish. Their Lemon-Grass Chicken Banh Mi was full of flavor! The chicken was soft and easy to chew, and was topped with a mix of savory fresh and sauteed vegetables. I had never had a Korean Pancake until coming to this joint, and they were delicious! They were stuffed with cheese and cilantro, yet also light on the stomach. One of the main reasons I came to Hungry Ghost was because their Tornado Fries looked so cool! Smothered in their ghost pepper aioli, these potatoes had a kick to every bite. Not to mention the un-PHO-gettable pho. The flavors of the shrimp combined with the hot broth and fresh vegetables made the most flavorful soup.

Prior to visiting Hungry Ghost, I did my research on their menu, and only saw a selection of Asian foods with one Cajun option. When I arrived to restaurant, they actually had an additional full Cajun menu. My friends and I were in the mood for Asian food, so unfortunately, their Cajun options are not pictured above. However, by the looks of this review, I am 100% sure that their Cajun menu is just as satisfying as their Asian menu.

So what are the prices of these delectable items? You’re going to DIE, when you hear them. Hungry Ghost has an extremely inexpensive menu! Quality food at a low price is always my go-to, and this place has it! Their price ranges vary from $3-12. The pancakes were $3.50 and the Chicken Banh Mi was only $7, how much cheaper can it get?

I got a chance to speak with one of the co-owners of the restaurant and he provided me with the best customer service along with his employees. The management team did a great job at serving customers quickly and catering needs with their unique infused menu. I highly recommend checking out Hungry Ghost. If you don’t, then you’re missing out on some spooky and fun food.

Until next time,

-Asmaa 🙂

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  1. Kristi says:

    Yummy! I definitely want to check this place out now!

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