Imagine: Festival and Food

Hey guys! This past weekend I went to the Imagine Music Festival and had a blast! For those of you who do not know, Imagine is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival that is held in Atlanta every year. I have been to a couple EDM festivals before, but this was my first time going to Imagine and it was fantastic. The main reason that I went to the  festival was because my favorite EDM artist, DJ Tiësto, was headlining! I have been waiting for Tiësto to come to Atlanta for years, and I made sure that I was at the rail when I saw him perform live. Other major headliners like Deadmau5 and Above and Beyond performed as well. I even discovered some dope new house artists such as Gorgon City, Shiba San and Claud VonStroke.


Now that I have told you all a little bit about the festival, it is time to get serious and talk about my favorite subject: FOOD. I did not only come to the festival to listen to music and dance, but also to EAT! Imagine had a variety of food trucks and food stands, and I had to get a taste of some of the best bites they had to offer.

The gelati from Repicci’s was amazing. At first, I was skeptical about mixing Italian ice with gelato, but chocolate-mango sounded so tempting. The sweet chocolate complemented the mango perfectly and was not overbearingly sweet.  It was blazing hot outside, and this gelati was the perfect poolside, festival cool off. Next up, is the vegan trini double from Pie Daddy. This food truck had a lot of different entrees to choose from such as fried mac n’ cheese balls, donuts, and coconut fried shrimp. The desi girl in me was craving something spicy and their thick roti topped with chickpea curry satisfied my tastebuds. Moving on, I had to cool down my taste buds with some potato salad. I went to this cool truck called LowCo Motion that served wholesome food with fresh ingredients. Their rosemary potato salad was only $3 so I had to get it! Although it did need a little extra salt and pepper, it was still a nice and light cooler after my spicy trini double. As I was walking to my next food journey, I spotted 9th Ave Street Food! If you read my previous blogpost about them, you are probably now wondering why you can not find them off of Ponce de Leon Ave anymore? Well that is because they are a food truck now! Cool huh? While I was walking down the food strip, I kept seeing people devouring grilled cheese sandwiches, and it was only fair that I got one too. I stopped by Cheese Street and ordered their OG grilled cheese sandwich. It was so damn cheesy! Not to mention, delicious. Moving forward, the last thing that I had to inhale were some noodles from Island Noodles food stand. I ordered their chicken island noodles that were made fresh to order. Yes, these noodles were made right in your face with tons of fresh veggies. I could taste the freshness of the carrots and zucchini, and the noodles did not taste like they were drenched in oil.

All of the food at the festival ranged from $3-$18. The most I paid for food was $10, but that is the average price for entrees at food trucks. Yes, I did order a lot of food, but I also split it with my friend so we could get a taste of everything while not overspending. The key to getting the best bang for your buck at festivals is by exploring different trucks.

Overall, the Imagine festival was a great time. The music was fantastic and the food was spectacular. I hope you all enjoyed this reading, and be sure to catch my next festival adventure!

Happy Eating,

Asmaa 🙂

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  1. @btwhitehead says:

    Nice blog!

    I thought the island noodles were delicious!!!

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