Noni’s Trattoria

Do you ever crave Italian food, but don’t want to spend $20 on a single plate of ravioli? Then try Noni’s Deli and Bar. Noni’s is a trendy, sophisticated restaurant off of Edgewood Avenue in Downtown Atlanta. This neighborhood restaurant has an endless menu of traditional Italian comfort foods that will make you feel at home.  Last week I went to Noni’s for the first time and not only was my food appetizing, but it came at an extremely reasonable price!

I usually do not go out for Italian food in Atlanta because it is typically overpriced, not that great, or has pork. However, when I am really craving pasta, then I either hit up FIGO for some bolognese or I make cream sauce myself. The other night it was cutting close to 10 o’clock and I decided to try Noni’s with a some friends. I had heard quite a few pleasant reviews about the restaurant, so I figured “why not give it a shot?” Noni’s has an intimate ambience with dim lighting throughout the entire bar and inside seating area, candles, and even an classic outside patio with a rustic water fountain. There are also the most adorable pictures of a woman (Noni) plastered on the walls around the indoor seating booths. It is one of Edgewood’s most perfect hip spots with a classic twist.

Noni’s offers a variety of traditional Italian sandwiches, salads, risottos, pastas, and even spritz. From their assortment of delicious Italian entrees, I ordered the shrimp scampi. This pasta was loaded with steamed mussels, shrimp (shell and tail on) and calamari, while complemented by a light cream sauce with tart capers . The pasta was so tasty that I felt like I was back in Europe for a second. At Noni’s, you select your sauce, pasta (even fresh tagliatelle options), and meat. I should warn you first, if you do not eat pork, then do not order their meatballs or bolognese sauce. Those items do have pork in them! In fact, quite a lot of items contained pork, but only for certain items you can request to opt pork. I have to admit that was one of the biggest downsides of coming to this restaurant, my options were somewhat limited. I will also say that if you are the type of person who tends to stick to “chicken alfredo” whenever you go out, sorry to burst your bubble, but “alfredo” is not a real concept. You can order their cream sauce with or without pancetta, grilled chicken, and pasta. I tasted my friend’s pasta like that and it had a nice nutty flavor, but it was a tad bit oily for tasting. But if you really think about it, what cream sauce is not oily?

The food that Noni’s serves is of quality and at a reasonable price. Typically, seafood pasta is about $20 and up in Atlanta, but my order was only $15! I was shocked when I saw the price on the menu. Other pastas start from around $8 and up, while salads and sandwiches range from $6-9. Do not underestimate the amount of food in their bowls, their portions are huge! Every single person at my table had to take the rest of their pasta to go. Except for me, I inhaled my entire entree, but that was only because I refuse to take seafood to go.

*DEAL ALERT* Noni’s has a Scout Mob! For those of you who not know what Scout Mob is, it is an app that shows you what local restaurants have special deals when you show them the app. This means 50-100% off your total at certain restaurants, coffee shops, or ice cream parlors. Noni’s Scout Mob offers 50% off your total, but be sure to check the fine print about when it is available to redeem. I should also inform you all that Noni’s may add gratuity to your tab. I was at a table of six people, so I understood why there was gratuity attached to my bill. I am not sure if gratuity will be attached to your bill for two people, but there is no harm in calling first and asking.

Overall, I had a great experience at Noni’s. I loved the setting, food, and prices of the restaurant and I would absolutely go back there again. If you are in the Downtown area or Edgewood neighborhood and you want a quality bite, then I recommend trying out Noni’s.


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