Hello everyone and Happy (Belated) New Year! In honor of the new year, I have decided to give my blog a new look. Since it has been a year since I started my blog, I wanted to dedicate this year’s resolution towards updating more consistent blog posts. A lot of you all have been asking when my next post will be or details about places you all have seen me post on my Instagram page (TheAppetiteOfAas), so I will do my best to share full length posts about my experiences at each delicious spot.

Today’s post is about a coffee shop around GSU called ebrik coffee room. Ébrīk is an urban coffee shop in Downtown, Atlanta off of Park Place. This place is hands down, my favorite coffee shop in Atlanta because of its laid back aesthetic. The ambiance of the cafe has a mix of industrial and contemporary tones with hints of antique pieces. The walls are plastered with paintings by the popular political activist Bansky, and every week there is a new inspiring quote on the bulletin board.The baristas are always welcoming and never rush customers even when the shop is about to close. Every time I go to ébrīk there is some type of event going on. Whether the owners bring a piano outside for pedestrians to jam on, place a new doodle on the bar to color while customers are waiting for their coffee, showcase a documentary to watch while students catch up on homework, or invite a guest speaker for others to gain new perspectives, ebrik always finds cool and unique ways to keep the Downtown community connected.

Ébrīk has a various selection of delicious coffees and teas to choose from to match your mood. These hand-crafted coffees range from your usual a.m Colombian roast to get you up and ready for class to your evening Turkish coffee to wind down with over great conversation. Ébrīk also serves natural loose leaf teas both hot and cold. If you’re hungry, Ébrīk serves fresh smoothies,sandwiches, healthy snacks, as well as an array of fresh baked goods from Highland Bakery.

Ébrīk’s prices are also affordable with prices ranging between $3-8.  After a long day of class, I love stopping by ebrik just to grab a chai tea latte and work on homework or even a blog post. I wholeheartedly enjoy going to ébrīk for coffee and I highly recommend you all visit it too. Until next time,

-Asmaa 🙂


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