Bread & Butterfly

Hello all, I know that it’s been a while since I last made a post, but it’s because I have been swamped with school, work, and other responsibilities. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much time to go on as many foodie adventures as I used to, but today I decided to squeeze in a little brunch/coffee spot I recently went to. A couple of weeks ago my sister and I went to grab some coffee at this little spot hidden in Inman Park called “Bread and Butterfly.” We didn’t even know they served food until we got there, and since we were hungry we decided to sit down and grab a bite as well.

Bread and Butterfly is a sweet, French inspired brunch and coffee spot located off of North Highland Avenue in Inman Park. It’s behind a couple of restaurants so it’s pretty easy to miss. However, this post will make you keep an eye out for this stop.

When my sister and I arrived to the restaurant, we were sat within 10 minutes. The waitress was a sweetheart and our waiter was super patient and nice. I literally felt like I was in a cute French Quarter bistro. All of the greenery, decor, and style of the restaurant made it a very open and comfortable space to eat.

After we were seated my sister and I ordered some café and then proceeded to order food. I ordered the Omelette de Jour while my sister ordered the Avocado Toast. My omelette was very simple and light. It was a fluffy omelette atop a layer of basil pesto with some fresh romaine on the side. My sister’s toast had layers of creamy avocado, poached egg, and seasoned with some light spices. The food was very light and refreshing. We could taste the freshness of the ingredients of everything we ate. The eggs weren’t that runny and the toast didn’t taste like cardboard. The entrees were also not too heavy and I really enjoyed that. Typically, a southern brunch is a bunch of fried foods in large portions, but this meal went really well with our moods for the afternoon. When we originally came to the restaurant, we were just going to get coffee, but since we were a little hungry, their menu options were perfect for our appetite.

I would definitely recommend you all try out this restaurant. Whether it is for coffee, brunch, or even drinks. It’s the perfect date spot if you want something intimate or if you just want to look cute and grab a bite with your girls. I usually list a set of pros and cons about the restaurants I visit, but to be quite honest I would not say that there are any cons for this restaurant at all. I enjoyed everything about it.From the service to the food to even the prices. The restaurant was definitely in my budget and the food was worth the price. I hope you all enjoyed my review and check this place out for your selfs. Until next time.


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  1. rnunez01 says:

    I’m gonna go! There’s nothing like experimenting with breakfast food

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