3’oclock Brunch n’ Stuff

Hello world! It’s been a long week of crazy news in the media lately, and today’s post is to bring you all some comforting to food to bring your spirits up just a little. The other day after class I was starving and I was craving some fried chicken. My sister and I were driving down Irwin street to find a place to eat and while I was scrolling through Yelp I saw that my absolute favorite brunch spot ever was still open at 3’oclock in the afternoon! My sister and I had no choice BUT to pull up!

Highland Bakery is usually pretty crowded, but since it was 3’oclock and they were close to closing it was pretty empty. The restaurant is located in Old Fourthward and has a very casual, hipster, and southern vibe.Whenever I go to Highland Bakery they serve huge portions of food. So my sister and I split and entree and a side because I was not going to finish everything.
We ordered their Fried Chicken Benedict and French Toast and devoured them. The restaurant has a lot of other southern inspired entrees, but these two are my personal favorites whenever I go.  The fried chicken benedict had fried chicken atop a freshly grilled biscuit, covered in jalapeño queso, sprinkled with paprika, and served with a side of potatoes. The entree was so flavorful and had the perfect southern kick to it. The eggs were so fluffy and the chicken was tender. The biscuit was firm and soft and did not taste like cardboard. The french toast was made with soft challah bread, topped with fresh fruit, icing, and served with a delicious simple syrup on the side. Both items were mouth watering and made for a savory meal.

Highland Bakery’s prices are not bad. The restaurant is super affordable and the entrees are worth their price. I highly recommend you all check out Highland Bakery and try out their amazing brunch menu.

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