Dinner and Dessert: Inman Park

Ello world! So this past weekend, I took my sister, Mariam (@mariammlk) out to celebrate her birthday in one of my favorite Atlanta neighborhoods, the Inman Park. The Inman Park is a super cute and homey ATL neighborhood thats only minutes from inner city. It’s vicinity is close to the belt line and some of the Atlanta’s yummiest restaurants. For today’s “Dinner and Dessert” post,  I checked out Fritti, King of Pops, and caught tickets for a Braves game featuring a performance by  Flo-rida!

Whenever I go to the Inman Park, I always pass by an Italian restaurant called “Fritti.” Fritti was always on the pricier side of my budget, but it was my sisters birthday so I said “YOLO.” Fritti has a very dim lit, contemporary, and intimate ambiance. Even though it was really empty when I went, it’s usually packed full. It was only empty when I went  because it was a weird hour between lunch and dinner.

Fritti has an interesting menu of pizzas, paninis, and other antipastis. My sister I were mostly in the mood for pizza so we ordered a couple of appetizers and a pizza. For our appetizers we were a little basic, and we ordered a Caesar Salad, simply to get some veggies in our system. The salad was okay, my sister and I both agreed that it tasted a little fishy because they added too much dressing. However, our next appetizer made up for the  unpleasant salad. We ordered their “Manzo” steak skewers as our next appetizer. The skewers were actually really good. The skewers were lightly seasoned with rosemary and sat on a bed of arugala. The meat was very tender and complemented the spicy natural flavors of the arugala. The next thing we ordered was their “Sorrentina Pizza.” The Sorrentina pizza is basically like Margherita pizza with tomatoes. The pizza came freshly out the oven and tasted so delicious. The flavors of the extra tomatoes, basil, and bufala were perfect. The pizza was not too big but was split able amongst two people. Overall, we had a nice, light dinner.

Fritti was definitely on the pricier side of my budget, but it was an upscale restaurant. I would definitely recommend Fritti if you are looking for a nice night out with your friends or on a date.


After Fritti, Mariam and I wanted to keep dessert light as well so we walked over to the King of Pops stand and got some popsicles. I got the Blueberry Lemonade pop and my sister got the Raspberry Lime pop. My pop was completely sweet with fresh blueberry pieces in it. Mariam’s pop was tart with a fresh and fruity kick. In that 97 degree blazing weather, those sweet pops were perfect for dessert! It’s too bad our outfits weren’t! The 97 degree heat was really starting to kill me, so Mariam and I bought new outfits because jeans were NOT the move.


Moving forward, my sister loves going to Brave’s games and sadly this is the Brave’s last season playing at the Turner Field stadium. Before the city tears down Turner Field I wanted to take my sister to a Brave’s game, so what better way to take her than for her birthday? Since I go to Georgia State University, I get discounted tickets to go to the games. My school usually sends out email blasts about discounted games and I saw that the Braves were playing the New York Mets and Flo-rida was perfuming so I knew it was going to be a fun night! I got two tickets for only $17 through my school, BUT you can get game tickets for as little as one dollar! All you have to do is check their website for cheap tickets or buy them at the stadium. The game was tons of fun and Flo-rida had a great performance!

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