Lotta Frutta…Literally

Hello awesome people! Summer has officially begun and to kick off the new season, today’s post is about the perfect ATL fruit shop to hit up when you want to cool off from the heat.

The other day I went out on a girls date with one of my fellow blogger buddies, Nicole (@2socialdrinkers), to catch up on life. It was a pretty hot day and we were dying to try out this spot we heard of called “Lottafrutta.” Lottafrutta is a Latin smoothie and sandwich shop in Old Fourth Ward, but is most commonly known for their popular fruit cups. The shop is super groovy and has a funky  Latin island vibe to it. The counters are plastered with an array of Latin candy and snack options, the walls are decorated with cool Latin decor, and the employees are so welcoming.

Out of their tasty menu options, Nicole and I both settled on their “Just Veggin” sandwiches and got two fruit cups. I got the Limonatta fruit cup and Nicole got the Cremolatta fruit cup. The sandwich was perfect for the summer heat! It was a warm panini with creamy avocado, bean sprouts, havarti, cucumbers, and tomatoes. The sandwich was not heavy, but left me completely satisfied! Not to mention, it was super savory and delicious. Our fruit cups were the perfect Latin treat to complement the sandwiches. Nicole’s cup was entirely sweet, while mine had a spicy chili lime kick. Both cups had tons of fresh fruit and completely refreshing.

Furthermore, Lottafrutta’s prices were not so bad. The sandwiches were the average price for sandwich, which is about $5-6. Their 24oz fresh fruit smoothies were all only $5! The only menu items that I would say were a little overpriced were the fruit cups. In most  Latin restaurants, fruit cups are about $2-3, however, Lottafrutta’s were about $5-6.


  • Great customer service
  • Light and fresh menu options
  • Cool ambiance


  • None

Overall, my experience at Lottafrutta was great. I really enjoyed the food and the vibes and I further recommend you all to check it out!

What do you think?

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