Illegal Food (Should Be)

Hey foodies! School’s out, finals are over, and graduation season is in full swing! Now I’m sure your family will want to go out to eat and discuss summer vacation plans. However, your family outing might be ruined due to poor service or foul food. In regards to that, today’s post will be a review about a restaurant that I recently visited.

Before I go into details about my review, I would like to reiterate the original idea behind my blog. Originally, I wanted to focus my blog on tasty and affordable places to eat in the Atlanta area. However, I think my Instagram (@TheAppetiteOfAas) says otherwise. On my Instagram, I typically post anything I eat that I thoroughly enjoyed and always leave a positive review. Not necessarily are all of the places I try blogpost worthy; I don’t want you all to have an idea that I like everything that I eat. After going to one restaurant and experiencing inadequate service and a mediocre meal, I decided to change the direction of my blogposts. Starting now, I will be more inclusive about the pros and cons of a restaurant and explicitly state what I did or did not like.

Moving forward, a couple of weeks ago was Atlanta Burger Week! Yeah, so that was an actual thing. Basically, about 40 burger joints in Atlanta were selling one of their specialty burgers for only $5. So at the end of the week, my sisters and I decided to hit up a place in the Virginia Highlands called “Illegal Food.” The menu looked delicious and the spot had a an edgy, rock n’ roll vibe. But I let it’s looks fool me.

When I arrived, I asked for a table for three. Seeing numerous empty tables, I figured we’d be quickly sat. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. When asked for a table, I was given a 25 minute wait. After 25 minutes, still seeing vacant tables, I was told to wait an additional 25 minutes. Come to find out, they were under staff, which was why we had to wait an awhile. Typically, I would be understanding of a small staff,however, being burger week, I figured they would have been prepared, especially on a Friday night. After 45 minutes of waiting, we were seated and were given menu’s. We ordered a couple appetizers, but they were not what we expected. We got the pimento cheese dip with green beans and one of their house salads. My sisters and I found the appetizers atrocious. The pimento cheese tasted odd and had a smokey flavor. Personally, I’m not a fan of smoked cheese, so that’s just me. The green beans that accompanied the pimento cheese tasted sour. I’m also not a fan of pickled vegetables, so when I tasted the green beans, the bitter taste did not appeal to me. The salad tasted dirty, as if they had been picked straight from a garden and tossed in a bowl. The after taste of the dressing reminded me of throw up. Seriously, there is no other way of explaining it.

After the unsatisfying appetizers, our burgers came out. The selected burger they had to offer was “The Hank.” It was a thick, beef burger with American cheese, shredded iceberg  lettuce, and fried pickles. Sounds yummy paired with some salty, hot fries, right? Our burgers came out, however, our order for our fries had not been put in until our burgers reached our tablee. We tried waiting for our fries, but, we were so hungry that we couldn’t wait. By the time we had came to our final bites of our burgers, our fries came out. The burgers were pretty satisfactory; the beef was juicy and tasted fresh, however, it tasted a little too salty. The burger did not have any special or unique twist to it. The fries tasted a little bland, and maybe because it was so busy, we didn’t receive long cuts of fries. Our fries looked like the extra fries at the bottom of the fryer.

In conclusion, my experience at Illegal Food was terrible. I am not saying don’t go to Illegal Food. I am simpley sharing my bad experience there. If you’re reading this and have had  a better experience, then maybe I came on the wrong night. Pros-I had one good waiter and their burgers were pretty good. Cons- Lack of staff, extensive wait, ambiguous menu (I’d recommend getting a full background of what’s in each item aside from what the menu states). Furthermore, I hope you all enjoyed my blogpost and have a better understanding of the new direction for my blog.

What do you think?

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