Once upon a time in Bombay…

Hey everyone! It’s currently finals week for me and I am super busy studying (procrastinating), but I still wanted to squeeze in a blogpost for you all. I know finals week is pretty stressful and we’re all eating garbage such as ramen noodles, chips, cookies, and other processed items. However, today’s blogpost is about the perfect spot where you all can go “post-finals” and relieve all of your stress through your tummy with a fresh meal.

For almost ten years my family and I have gone to a halal Indian restaurant in North Druid Hills called “Cafe Bombay” to eat some delicious  Indian food. Being Desi, I am super selective about my Indian/Pakistani food, and I must say that Cafe Bombay is definitely on my checklist. Cafe Bombay has a wide selection of entrees to choose from as well as many delicious desserts and drinks. But, my favorite time to come here is for their lunch buffet. I must disclose to you all that I am NOT a fan of buffets at all. I avoid Chinese and American buffets at all costs. Most Chinese buffets aren’t even real Chinese food and are loaded with MSG and don’t get me started on American buffets; they’re an abomination to society. However, being Desi, I know how Indian/Pakistani buffets work. 1. They’re not full of “fake Indian food.” 2. They’re made fresh and are consistently refilled. 3. They’re not loaded with MSG. So as a picky eater, I trust Cafe Bombay’s buffet.

Cafe Bombay’s buffet has a wide selection of fresh Indian barbecue, vegetarian and meat curries, rice, desserts, naan, chutneys and a salad bar. Every item is hot and never luke warm, and every bite of their food is heaven. I mean heaven. Their tikka masala is the BOMB. It’s not too sweet nor is it just salty tomato sauce. The sauce and the spices are equally combined to bring out the perfect sweet and savory flavor to complement the chicken or paneer. Their goat curry is actually goat and not just bones. The vegetable curries they make aren’t seared to mush, you can actually taste the vegetables with a spicy kick. Their naan is made fresh to order so it’s always soft; not burnt or crispy. Lastly, their tandoori barbecue options are just delicious and are served with fresh lemons and onions for some extra tang. Everything in their buffet is just… too good for words.

Moving over,the atmosphere of Cafe Bombay is pretty fancy. The restaurant is filled with Indian decor from the gorgeous light fixtures, the strums of the relaxing sitar, and the curtain overcasts. However, because it’s an Indian restaurant and it’s near many businesses, your attire doesn’t matter. What I meant by it “being an Indian restaurant” is that Desi people don’t care what you’re wearing. You can be dressed super fancy or super casual. As long as you’re wearing shoes, a shirt, and are buying food, then you’re good. Additionally, many nurses, doctors, and other business professionals come to the restaurant in their work attire. I came in yoga pants and no one looked at me differently. *Fun Fact: Young Jeezy shot a music video here before and Yung Joc was preparing to shoot a music video while I was dining.*

Ultimately, Cafe Bombay is the spot to go to after finals. I mean its all you can eat buffet for only $11 on weekdays AND it’s halal. Un-freaking-believable right?  I highly recommend you guys check this place out. It’s one of my favorite Desi restaurants in Atlanta and after all the hard work you put into your finals, this meal will be worth it. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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  1. Xan-Rhea says:

    Sweet! This is a must.


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