How are things on the West Coast?

Hello world. This past weekend I went to Grant Park for the Food-O-Rama food truck festival. The festival was a ton of fun and there were so many yummy food trucks around. I posted a few pictures on my food blog’s Instagram in case you all want to check it out. But before I headed over to the park, my sister and I grabbed some coffee over in the Highlands. I’ve gone to this coffee shop many times before I started my blog and when I got there, I knew I had to share it with you all!

The coffee shop is called San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company and has two locations off of North Highland Avenue. It’s a really cool and has a relaxed feel to it. The shop has a lot of space and is perfect for studying, especially for final exams. S.F Coffee has a great selection of various coffees, teas, and pastries. They even sell bags of their signature brews.

This coffee shop actually has a lot of sentimental value to me. The first time I came to this coffee shop I was going through a rough patch. I came with my sister and we had some really good, life motivating conversations over their coffee, particularly a macchiato. It wasn’t just any macchiato I was drinking, it was the first authentic macchiato I had ever drank before in my life. I was so used to drinking Starbucks macchiato’s (nothing against Starbuck’s macchiatos, their’s are just super sweet) that I had ignored the true flavors of coffee. I had never had a real appreciation for coffee until I came to this shop. I was so used to drenching my coffee in sweeteners that I would ignore the pure flavors that extract from a coffee bean. The real flavors of the coffee accompanied by the great conversation I was having motivated me to have a stronger appreciation for authentic people, food, and even coffee. Since then, my sister and I have gone to this spot frequently and always enjoy ourselves.

Moving forward from the great vibes that San Francisco Coffee has brought to me, San Francisco Coffee has great, low prices. Similar to many coffee shops, Their coffee and tea is around $5 and/or below. I highly recommend you all check out this place and hopefully you enjoy it just as much as I did.


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