Hello world! I am currently recovering from some Bieber Fever, but I still wanted to share my most recent foodie adventure with you all. This past weekend I had to catch up on some school work because I had a little too much fun in New York.  So a really good friend of mine and I decided to lock ourselves up and study at the Ponce City Market.

We went to Dancing Goats to study but as our stomachs mutually growled, we considered some of our eating options. Since my friend is a vegetarian, we decided to avoid meat. However, we were craving something meaty. After much contemplation, we decided on Holeman and Finch for veggie burgers.

Holeman and Finch is a popular burger, brewery, and bakery in Atlanta. H&F manufactures almost everything they sell from their handcrafted delicious burgers, buns, and condiments to their burger specific beer. They have a great space with dim lighting for an intimate and social setting. H&F even has the option to dine-in or take-out for those in a hurry.

My friend and I ordered their veggie burgers, fries, and a chocolate shake and I must say this was the perfect trio. I don’t usually drink milk with meat (in this case a veggie burger) simply because I think it’s weird, but a shake sounded so good that I could not skip out. H&F’s chocolate shake was so smooth and had a delicious, velvety chocolate flavor. It was the perfect drink to accompany such a perfect veggie burger. I haven’t eaten many veggie burgers in my life, but the ones I have were not that great. However, H&F’s was by far the best veggie burger I have ever had. The burger was so tender, I could have mistaken the veggie patty for beef. It was so soft and easy to bite into and didn’t fall apart. Not to mention that the cheese, slaw, and specialty ketchup and mustard only made it better. Yes, H&F makes their own ketchup and mustard and even sells them by the jar. The condiments were perfect on my burger and on my fries.

Holeman and Finch was definitely a hit! I always heard a lot about them but never went because I thought it was super expensive. H&F is a little pricey, but it wasn’t too bad. The amount I would spend at “Five Guys” is what I would’ve spent at H&F. You can get an entire meal for about $15-20, which I don’t think is too bad. H&F was worth every penny and I recommend whether you’re trailing on the belt line or in the mood for a quality burger.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Xan-Rhea says:

    This Veghead is definitely going to try this! Good veggie burgers are so hard to find.


    1. asmaamalik96 says:

      They were so yummy! And you’re right veggie burgers are super difficult to lay your hands on


    2. They were so yummy! And you’re right veggie burgers are super difficult to lay your hands on


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