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Hey guise! As you may know, last week I was in New York so I didn’t have time to write up a full blog post. Today’s post is about some of the places I checked out while I stayed in NYC. On my Instagram I posted a lot of pictures of the food I ate. Some places were okay, and some were really good, but today’s post is about the BEST places I went to during my stay in NYC. —Also, forgive me for not having a lot of pics with full details. I got so caught up in life, that I forgot to catch every moment!

Before I go into details about my food journey, I’d like to tell you all why I was in New York. I went to New York for the National Model United Nations conference. I am a member of Model United Nations at Georgia State University and I love it. Being on the team has taught me a lot about myself and the importance of world humanitarian crisis’s. In Model UN, we act as delegates from different nations in the United Nations and create resolutions for problems facing the UN. This Spring’s conference was a great experience and my team won Outstanding Delegation at Nationals for the 10th time! I am truly so happy and proud of my team for all of their hard work. Moreover, in between conference breaks,  I was able to hit up some yummy food spots during my free time and I want to share them with you all.

One night, some of my teammates and I were on the hunt for some good food and hookah, however New York doesn’t permit 18 year olds to smoke hookah. So after we got rejected from a hookah bar, my friends and I stumbled upon a super colorful restaurant called “Panna II.” I told my friends to hold up so we could see what it was and the owner of the restaurant told us it was BYOB and to come on in. My friends and I lit up and screamed in happiness on 2nd ave! Right next door to the restaurant was a spiritual Indian store that had a full selection of alcohol and my friends grabbed whatever they could and off we went to the enjoy dinner at Panna II. Panna II is a Bengali restaurant that serves various meat and vegetarian dishes. I ordered their Tandoori chicken, but I was not so crazy about it. However, one of my friends ordered a vegetable dish from them and it was pretty good. I will give them an A+ on their customer service, naan, and free dessert! Not to mention, they were BYOB, which is exactly why my friends and I went.

The food at Panna II ranged from about $8-15 per entree, but the sizes were pretty big for you to split amongst you and your friends. For NYC food, it was pretty cheap compared to a lot of the other restaurants around town.

Panna II is definitely a cool and funky spot to go to in NYC, and I would definitely go there again.


Before I went to New York, I kept seeing this place called “Magnolia Bakery” on my Instagram TL and figured, why not try it? When I was scrolling through its page on Instagram, I was under the impression that their famous Banana Bread Pudding was a flavor of ice cream. It was not until I got there that I realized it was just Banana Bread Pudding. I’m not really that crazy about banana’s, let alone pudding, so I got a small container of it. However, when I took my first bite of the bread pudding, I was in love. It was so moist and sweet. The flavors of the banana complemented the sweet bread so well with the fluffy pudding. The pudding didn’t taste like any jank jello pudding. It tasted like whipped mousse mixed with heaven. Magnolia’s pudding was so delicious that I had to make TWO trips there during my stay in New York.

Magnolia Bakery has tons of various different cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, and other little pastries, but are most famous for their banana bread pudding. Not a fan of basic bread pudding? You’re in luck! They have chocolate banana bread pudding. Both puddings are equally as delicious.

Prices? Magnolia didn’t really burn a whole in my wallet like many other places that I tried. Desserts range from about $3-7 dollars and are worth every cent.


New York is the original home of Shake Shack burgers. I don’t care if there is a Shake Shack in Buckhead, Atlanta. New York’s is so much better and I’m willing to bet anyone on that.

While shopping in Times Square, a couple of my team members and I were starving. First we settled on sushi, but while we were sun bathing in Bryant Park, I spotted a couple of girls with some Shake Shack burgers in their hands and my mouth began to salivate. We had to regroup and find the nearest Shake Shack. We spotted the one in Times Square and headed there immediately. It was pretty packed inside, but it didn’t take long for us to get our food.

And must I say…our burgers were da bomb. I mean they had the perfect amount of grease and their cheese fries were to die for. I could taste the freshness of the pickles in each bite of my burger.Accompanied with a cup of Sprite, it was a done deal. Ultimately, Shake Shack hit the spot after a long week of conference.


After the conference ended, I headed over to Brooklyn to see one of my good friends from childhood. One thing I promised her we would do is grab brunch. She told me about this super hip place called “The Egg Shop” in SoHo and we tried it out. The Egg Shop serves egg dishes all day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was so cute and small and was located where Little Italy, Chinatown, and SoHo intersected.

The food at The Egg Shop was so delicious. It wasn’t like your typical Southern Brunch that you’d find in Atlanta. It was very intricate and you could taste the New York twist. My friend ordered French Toast and I ordered an Egg Salad Sandwich with fried chicken. Both items were so savory and had a nice sweet kick. I could really taste the fresh herbs in the sandwich and the flavors of the fresh fruit complemented the cinnamon on the French toast.

The Egg Shop’s prices weren’t too expensive. New York is a pretty expensive place to eat at, however, the portions for this place matched their price. Entrees run from about $9-15. The food was super delicious so the prices didn’t really bother me that much. If you ever go to SoHo, I completely recommend checking out The Egg Shop. Their atmosphere and food were great and if you’re craving eggs at 4pm, they can whip up a nice poached one upon request.


My favorite dessert is ice cream. I mean its my favorite. It tops cake, cookies, candy, etc. Ice cream is the key to my heart. My friend and I were running around lost on my GPS looking for Ladureé so we gave up. I noticed the location we were in looked pretty familiar and happened to be near an ice cream shop that I wanted to try called “10 Below.”

10 Below is a thai inspired ice cream shop which serves ice cream in the shape of rolls with your choice of toppings. Located in Chinatown, its a super cool tourist spot with an interesting technique of making ice cream. Basically, they pour cream on a 10 degree surface and create ice cream on it and roll it to form edible rolls. (I tried to post my videos but WordPress won’t let me :() Their ice cream is extremely visually appealing and didn’t hurt my wallet. It was only $7 for a huge cup of ice cream. Even though the line extended out the door, the ice cream was worth the wait.


Save the best for last right? The best and my favorite place I went to during my stay in NYC was Juliana’s pizza in the Dumbo district of Brooklyn. Juliana’s is the sister store to the infamous Grimaldi’s pizza. It has a very family oriented, Italian atmosphere and was super cozy. I must say, Juliana’s was the one place in NYC that made me feel so welcomed. In NYC there is no such thing as “Southern Hospitality,” so getting attitudes at a counter isn’t a shocker. I was treated with so much respect when I went to Juliana’s which is probably why I liked it so much.

Aside from the friendly mannerisms, Juliana’s pizza was so fresh and delicious. I could taste the freshness of the ingredients in every bite. Especially when I had fresh mozzarella hanging out of my mouth. Even after my I had to unzip my pants to make room for food, I was still craving some dessert, in particular a cannoli. I’m not so crazy about cannoli’s and it’s probably because every cannoli I had wasn’t authentic. My friend and I ordered their brooki (brownie-cookie) ice cream sandwich and their cannoli. I have a new found love for cannoli’s now. Im serious. Now I catch myself mid-day craving a cannoli! Their cannoli’s were hand crafted with perfection and had cheese in them! I’m not sure if it was mascarpone cheese, but it was so creamy and delicious.

Juliana’s prices weren’t so bad either. My friend and I split a pizza for $17. Good Italian style pizza is usually super pricey, but I could work with Juliana’s prices. I truly recommend all of you readers to check out Juliana’s if you ever go to New York. It was my favorite place out of all the places I went to and was the highlight of my trip.


I hope you all enjoyed reading about my New York City adventures and check out these places yourself! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next post next week!

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    Egg Shop looks amazing!


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