Tako Tuesday

Hey everyone! I hope you all have had a great week so far. Sadly, my spring break has ended, so it’s back to hitting the books. However, last night I cut into my study time to get some kick-a** $2 tacos from Takorea in Midtown.

Takorea is a delicious Korean-Mexican infusion restaurant in Atlanta. They have an endless menu of tacos, burritos, quesadillas with Korean twists. The restaurant is a cute little house that has been turned into a restaurant. The outside has tons of funky decor and as soon as you enter, you can barely tell it used to be a house. The interior is infused with Korean and Mexican decor, you almost feel as if you’re in an cultural art exhibit. In addition to the great vibes, every night Takorea has specials. Last night I happened to walk in on $2 Tako Tuesday!

You might think “$2 tacos? These gotta be some wimpy sized tacos.” No, that’s where you are wrong. Takorea’s tacos are huge. They’re the same size as the average sized taco you get at Taco Bell, which is pretty big to me. My friend and I got an array of various tacos with a side of crunchy sesame fries #NOM. From Korean Fried Chicken to Calamari, we devoured 10 takos in total. I must say those tacos were the BEST Korean takos I have ever had! Everything was cooked fresh to order. The salsas on each taco were so fresh, you could taste the spice of the Mexican salsa meet the sweet Korean twist. Each taco had a different vibrant flavor, and we savored every bite.

Delicious tacos+unbeatable price= GO! Takorea’s original menu prices aren’t so bad. Entrees range from around $8-15, but they do have specials every night. Tako Tuesday is definitely the best day to go if you’re in the mood for some cheap tacos. They’re worth every dollar and you’re getting the basically getting half off on tacos. If you’re into funky infusions or trying new foods, then go to Takorea! Even if you’re a little hesitant about trying new foods and the concept of “Korean Tacos” sounds gross, then still go! I used to think the concept of Korean Tacos was disgusting and an abomination to society, but that was because I had never had a Korean Taco. After my first bite of a Korean Taco (which was about a year ago), I’ve been obsessed. Next Tuesday, I encourage all of my readers to check out this hot spot and taste Korean Tacos for yourself! *But I must warn you all! There was a pretty long wait so either come early or make reservations.*


Hey guys! So next week I will be in New York for some business. Sadly, I won’t have time to make a blogpost. HOWEVER, I will be making an NYC series for my return, which will consist of all the inexpensive and yummy restaurants I hit up during my stay in New York. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I look forward to sharing my yummy experiences in NYC!


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