Grindin’ n’ Grubbin’

Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your week or your spring break. So last week, I forgot to go grocery shopping and I ran out of food so I was forced to eat out all week long. It kinda sucked because I blew a lot of money, buttt I did find some good places to grub at. One place in particular was “Grindhouse Killer Burgers” in the Sweet Auburn Market.

Grindhouse burgers is an awesome burger joint in Downtown. No one really knows about it because not many students go to the Sweet Auburn Market, but it’s super close to campus and definitely worth the trip. Grindhouse is super casual and has a tattoo parlor, biker bar type of feel. The service is great, the wait isn’t long, and the food tastes just as hard as they grind.

I went to the market with one of my friends and we ordered some burgers and fries. I ordered the Dixie style burger, which had layers of handmade cole slaw, a fried green tomato, and pimento cheese. On the side I ordered some cheese fries accompanied with some Grindhouse sauce (Yeah, they have their own sauce). My friend got the Euro style burger which had sautéed mushrooms smothered in cheese. After inhaling our burgers, we had to agree that they were bomb.

Grindhouse has a great menu with a wide selection of burgers, hotdogs, and desserts. Not a big fan of beef? You can order a turkey burger (that’s what we did). Vegetarian? You can order a veggie burger! The only downside I would say people might have about Grindhouse is that their burgers are small. However, it really depends on how much you can eat. A junior does me well, but if you’re feeling extra hungry, then order a double. Otherwise, I think Grindhouse is delicious and hits the spot.

Good food should come at a good price. Right? I found Grindhouse burger’s prices pretty reasonable. A burger+fries+drink for only about $10? That’s pretty good to me! For a college student who lives in Downtown, it’s hard to find good food, let alone a good burger. Grindhouse is a spot that I frequently go to and I recommend you all check it out and try it yourself!

What do you think?

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