Café Day

Hey everyone! The weather in Atlanta was gorgeous today! The breeze was giving me life while I sunbathed in the GSU courtyard. I’m so anxious for this week to end already because Spring Break will finally start in just a matter of hours. However, the following week after break, is the return of exams! YAY! Sorry, I didn’t mean to kill your buzz you guys. Unfortunately, that means studying over Spring Break. Of course, you all want to enjoy your breaks so today’s post is about a nice coffee shop in Atlanta that I like to go to get some studying in called “Condesa Coffee.”

Condesa Coffee is a very chill, mod coffee shop and bar in Downtown, Atlanta. It has two locations, but I went to was their Auburn Avenue location. As soon as you walk in the ambience feels super city and chic. The light fixtures are dim, but the outside light reflects into the shop. They have super cozy seating booths, chairs, and a nice bar to sit along. The noise level at Condesa isn’t even a problem so I can get my homework done without any distractions.

Condesa is most popular for their freshly brewed coffee but also serves hot or chilled teas, delectable pastries, and hand crafted sandwiches. On select days, Condesa even offers deals on their delicious warm waffles and hot coffee. The shop even has a bar for those who like an extra kick in their coffee, however, alcoholic beverages are only sold at their Old Fourth Ward location.

I went to Condesa with a friend a while ago and we ordered some coffee and tea. I ordered a cappuccino and it came with latte art. And we all know, I am a sucker for latte art. My friend ordered tea and it was served in the most chic bamboo tea tray. The tea was even  refillable to her discretion. Our drinks were great and came at an unbeatable price. I mean my huge mug of an authentic cappuccino cost me about $4, while a tall caramel frappe at Starbucks costs me $5.

Ultimately, I think Condesa is one of the best spots you can go to in Atlanta to study and chill. The vibes there are super relaxed and distraction-free. I recommend you all hit up one of Condesa’s spots this Spring Break if you need to catch up on some studying. Maybe you’ll even catch me there?

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