What’s your gusto?

Happy Tuesday everyone! I know a lot is going on right now especially since today is the day to vote for primary elections! Aside from the elections, Georgia is experiencing some fabulous weather this week. I mean, is it really winter? To top off election day and this beautiful weather, in today’s post I will be sharing a great Mediterranean restaurant that I went to this past weekend.

Every time I drive down Peachtree Road, I pass by a snazzy little strip right next to the CVS. I always saw a restaurant called “Gusto!” and wondered what it was about, so this weekend I finally tried it out. I’ve been on a carb overload lately and haven’t had enough greens so I was craving a salad; a Mediterranean one in particular. Gusto! was perfect for what I was in the mood for and was completely refreshing and delicious.

Gusto! is basically like the Chipotle for Mediterranean food, and it’s gluten-free. You can choose from mixed greens, brown rice, or a flatbread wrap. In your entree you have the options to add grilled chicken, mushrooms, or shrimp as your source of protein. Lastly, to add some flavor, you select your option of sweet or savory gusto, which is basically a combination of flavors that includes a variety of vegetables, fruit, and other goodies to your entree. I ordered the salad for the sake of my colon and topped it with their  fresh grilled chicken and tahini cucumber feta gusto. My bowl was absolutely fulfilling. I usually don’t go crazy over salads, but Gusto!’s was very impressive. The flavors were so robust and hit the spot. My friend ordered the chicken flatbread wrap with the chipotle mango avocado gusto and she found it incredible. The smoky flavors of the chipotle sauce complemented the sweetness of the avocados and mangos so well all wrapped in a soft and fluffy flatbread.

Gusto!’s entrees range from about $9-12, which isn’t bad especially for Buckhead prices. One thing that particularly struck out to me was that they’re a casual quick Mediterranean bite. It’s not everyday you can find good Mediterranean food that is also inexpensive and healthy. My recommendation? Go to Gusto2! after you vote on this nice day out and try their salads, rice bowls, or flatbreads!

What do you think?

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