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Nǐ hǎo! So this week’s post is about a delicious Chinese-Indian restaurant I recently went to. I LOVE Indian food and I’m always down to try something new, so I finally decided to try the infamous “Chinese Dhaba.” Chinese Dhaba has a few locations around the Greater Atlanta area, but I went to the one in Decatur aka “Little India.” Originally, I was a little sketched out about trying it because I’m super picky about Indian food and I was worried it might be too oily. I clearly misjudged this place and severely underestimated it! Chinese Dhaba is so tasty and great! Their food isn’t too oily AND it’s Halal!

Chinese Dhaba isn’t decorated like your traditional, casual, one painting on the wall, Indian restaurant. It is actually well decorated and has a nice South Asian mixed vibe. The walls have nice decor and you don’t wreak of curry and rice when you leave like most Indian restaurants. LOL. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to eat inside because I was in a rush. However, I believe the best way to enjoy Chinese food is when it’s served take out style.

The food at Chinese Dhaba is unbelievably delicious. My sister and I ordered the Chicken Chili (dry), Beef Szechuan Lo Mein, and steamed white rice. As aforementioned, I was a bit hesitant to try the food, but the moment that first piece of Chicken Chili touched my taste buds…it was over with. As my sister and I inhaled our food, I found ourselves eating in silence because the food was so freaking good! The Chicken Chili was stir fried with crunchy onions and jalapeńos, and yet you could still taste the freshness of the vegetables in every bite. The Lo Mein was smothered in a spicy chili sauce which complemented the succulent pieces of the savory beef so well. The rice was perfectly steamed and cooled my taste buds with every comforting bite. Overall, my meal was a refined combination of rich and spicy Indo-Chinese nirvana.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, what does Chinese Dhaba mean? If you’re Punjabi like me, then you’re probably under the impression that it means “Chinese Container.” Simply because when you read “Dhaba” (Duh-ba)  you thought it translated it to the Punjabi term “box or container.” …Or maybe that was just me. Chinese Dhaba (Daa-ba) is actually translated to Hindi and means “Chinese Stamp.” As in official stamp. Fun fact, right?

Moreover, let’s talk about prices! Chinese Dhaba is very inexpensive. Their entrees come in serving sizes for two (depending on how hangry you are) and range from about $7-10. I’d say that’s a great deal for some really good Chinese and Indian food. As someone who’s not that crazy about Chinese food, I was very pleased and impressed. I highly advise you all to try Chinese Dhaba’s food ASAP!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blogpost and enjoy Chinese Dhaba as much as I did!



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