Gio Antico


Buongiorno! Today’s blogpost is about my favorite pizza shop in Atlanta, “Antico Pizza Napoletana.” Antico is an Italian pizza shop located in the Westside of Atlanta in a small  plaza. Antico is most famous for making their brick oven Napoli style pizza. It has a nice and cozy traditional Italian ambiance and I just love going there! This past weekend, one of my really good friends and I went to Antico and enjoyed ourselves with great food and great company.

Antico has a variety of delicious, fresh Italian pizzas. As soon as you walk in you place your order and then go towards their mess hall where you can eat while also watch the employees knead fresh dough and prepare pizzas! My friend and I ordered a margherita pizza (by the way, you can never go wrong with a margherita pizza) and it was a pleasure to our tastebuds. The pizza was light but also kept us full. The flavors of the fresh basil and gooey bufala complemented the sweet marinara sauce on the chewy, thin crust.

The best part of my experience at Antico was when my friend and I got the chance to knead dough! While my friend and I were taking pictures of the restaurant for the blog, one of the employees asked us if we wanted to knead the dough in the dough room. We were so shocked that we were exclusive enough to be apart of the process to make such fine pizzas. It was completely unexpected and also a fun experience. The manager and all of the other employees were friendly and hospitable.

Antico’s prices range from about $18 and up, however, they make their pizza’s pretty big so it is completely worth the price. Also, talk about a bang for your buck if you and a couple of friends are splitting one. In addition to Antico’s pizza deals, they even allow customers to Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB). So for all my friends who drink out there, Antico is the spot for you!

I highly recommend that you all try Antico. One thing I value when I go out to eat is great customer service and they knocked me off my feet with theirs. I hope you enjoyed this week’s blogpost. Also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram page @TheAppetiteOfAas!


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