Minero en Ponce

Hola todo el mundo! So this past weekend I went on a girls date to the Ponce City Market. Originally, I was kinda sketchy about going to PCM because its appeared to be pricey and every other time I previously went the food court wasn’t open. But… I didn’t feel like studying anymore, so I decided to get some sun with one of my girl friends so I went!

When I walked into the food court of PCM, my jaw dropped. It was like a two story mall just for food! There were so many options. I could wait in line for a casual quick bite, sit down for an elegant meal, or satisfy my sweet tooth with a selection of various Atlantan dining. After much consideration, my friend and I settled on Mexican food and went to a restaurant called “Minero.” Minero is a Mexican restaurant with a modern fine dining twist. The ambience was very dim, but also embraced fun. The orange walls stimulated hunger and the assortment of Jarritos brought a home-y, authentic Mexican feel.

We ordered their Charcoal Grilled Chicken Platter and it was so appetizing. The chicken was freshly grilled atop a bed of savory rice mixed with kidney beans, cilantro, and lime and smothered in a smokey charcoal sauce that complemented the flavors of the chicken, rice, and beans. Accompanied by fresh corn tortillas, and yes I mean fresh, handmade corn tortillas. Just to be fancy and for the sake of my blog, my friend and I got some fruity juices to go on the side and I must say, the whole meal was just…speechless.

Now when it comes to prices, I will admit that Minero is sort of on the pricey side, BUT it is completely worth it! The platter was for two people but it was only $16. Would I come here again? Sí. Should you? Por Supuesto!

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