Panbury Delight

Hey guys! So I am currently at the library and I should be studying for my exam, buttt I have to make a blogpost because I only have an hour until my next class starts. A few days ago I went to my favorite lunch spot on campus: The Sweet Auburn Market. It was a super cold day and I was really in the mood for some comfort food. Everytime I go to the Sweet Auburn Market, I walk by a bakery called “Panbury’s Double Crust Pies.” I always wondered what they had there, so I dropped by and boy was I satisfied.

Panbury is a bakery that makes fresh savory pies and other tasty treats. From chicken sausage rolls, spinach feta pies, to samosas, Panbury definitely hits the spot! They’re popular for their “Pie and Mash,” which consists of a savory pie with mashed potatoes and gravy on the side. I ordered their Green Thai Chicken Curry Pie and I must say that it was food for the soul. The pie had creamy mushrooms and soft thai seasoned chicken. The pie was so moist and the crust wasn’t too crispy nor too dry. It had the perfect consistency of flake and was easy to break into.


Panbury’s prices are definitely unbeatable for an Atlanta pie shop. Their items range from $3-9 and their portions are perfect and worth the price.

My recommendation? If you’re in the mood for a savory chicken pot pie, then go to Panbury and get a pie with mashed potatoes and gravy on the side!

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