“Twas a HodgePodge of things”

What’s up my fellow Atlantans? Lately this weather in Atlanta has been pretty jank and weird. It’s rainy one day, hailing the next, and then we’re getting snow flurries?? So to go with the mood of this weather, I decided to keep today’s blog post a little cozy. I recently went to a coffee shop off Moreland Ave called “HodgePodge Coffeehouse and Gallery.” The coffee house had the perfect chill ambiance and was perfect for studying, socializing, or reading.

HodgePodge had a vast selection of premium roast coffees, desserts, pastries, and sandwiches and other brunch options. I got a cappuccino, and I must say it was great. I even got latte art on it…I mean who doesn’t love latte art? Not only does HodgePodge sell coffee and food but they also sell cool knick knacks. They have a variety of eccentric mugs, quote books, and other fun stationary accessories.

What really sold me to post about the coffee shop was its ambiance. It’s so relaxing. The outside of the coffee shop has a plastered mural on all sides of the building and the inside is filled with wall art and decorative lights. So even if you don’t want to go study, you can still go to HodgePodge to take some artsy photos and scroll through them with a cup of fresh café. Most coffee shops can be loud and obnoxious with their machines like Starbucks, but this place was pretty silent. And I’m not talking about the “awkward, this is a library, no talking” type of silence, but the “I can socialize while also study and not disturb anyone” type of silence. The shop has three sectors where people can choose to study. You can eat by the window and smell fresh coffee brewing, sit in the great hall, or hang out in the play area.


My ratings? I give HodgePodge Coffeehouse a go! It’s so spacious and is a great place to kickback.

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