Sunday Brunchin’

Hey everyone! So I wanted to start off this blog with one of my favorite meals of the day….BRUNCH! Brunch here in Atlanta can be pretty pricey, but luckily I found a spot that could feed you for about $10-15. This past Sunday my sister and I were in Kirkwood and stumbled upon a cute brunch spot called “La Petite Marché,” which is French for “The Little Market.” This spot is casual and has a cute French bakery/diner type of ambiance. The service is great and the food comes out quick. La Petite isn’t like typical brunch spots where you sit and wait on your waiter. As soon as you step in, you grab a menu, order at the counter, and then wait to be seated. It essentially speeds up the process of ordering, waiting, and eating.

Now in regards to the food (what you’re really here for), the restaurant has a variety of yummy brunch selections. One selection in particular they are famous for are their grits stacks. I ordered their grits stack with Delia’s chicken sausage, but I wasn’t so crazy about it. The grits weren’t that cheesy and tasted sort of bland. Personally, I think that if you open a brunch spot in the south, then you have to live up to the southern standard and make sure your grits are bomb-tastic and super cheesy. Even though I wasn’t a fan of their grits, they had other delicious menu options such as their rosemary potatoes and mouthwatering chocolate croissant. Which by the way, was HANDS DOWN, THE BEST chocolate croissant that my taste buds have ever encountered in their lives. When I tell you how freaking delicious that croissant was, I mean that I literally died and came back to life after one bite. It was so moist and delectable. It was a heavenly arrangement of croissant and challah bread with layers of soft whipped chocolate mousse and bananas and ever so perfectly topped with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, almond slices, and chocolate drizzle. The chocolate croissant was absolutely the highlight of my brunch, and you’ll never guess how much it cost me? $4.25! Yeah, that’s right! $4.25 for that huge plate of heaven.

If I were to recommend you all to go to La Petite Marché, then I would say yes. They have great service, inexpensive options, and an unforgettable chocolate croissant. I strongly encourage every single one of you all to try their chocolate croissant, even if it’s the only thing you order there. It’s definitely worth the stop and the bang for your buck!

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